” Ocean” Veil Flowing in the United Kingdom

04 Apr

My friend Anisa from Barbados who also invited me to his house in Tooting Muslim convert, for a farewell gathering. This family would emigrate to Cairo, to taste life with shades of ‘Islamic’ he said.

I was introduced to his friends a multi-nation and color. There is a genuine British, the French Algerian woman, Jamaica, Ethiopia and Nigeria. Very unique.

I’m interested in the appearance of Joana Rowntree, British Muslim women who wear the original full Islamic dress. Similar abaya, a loose, gray with a blue veil. I say hello and introduce myself.

Joanna, the British women aged around (26 years), recently converted to Islam about 3 years. Joanna works as a Medical Reseach work in Guy Hospital, London Bridge.

He had a long spiritual journey. Once, after high school in England, he was not directly to the university but decided to traveled the world. He believed that wander can expand horizons. “Travel can broaden your mind,” he said.

And he signed up to be volonteer the British Council. Teaching English is the only way to exit the country, told me when he recalls the early convert to Islam.

“I want to find the experience to go abroad”, he added. Joanna finally chose to Sarawak, Malaysia.

“It’s far away, in a village in the interior of the island of Borneo,” Joanna said as she watched her blond hair.

“Malay people are very kind and gentle. The Malays good and gentle, I feel at home there. To the extent that I lived there about 10 months,” he added.

And what makes it to Islam?

One day, during recess, the students always come to him. Usually, they always come say hello. One day, apparently they held out a small book and thin.

“Miss .. miss familiar with the prophet Muhammad, the Messenger of us?” Asked one of them, they are crowded and each wants to be attention.

“Who is Muhammad tuh … I do not know,” Joanna patiently answering their questions.

“It’s miss .. read this book … here is the history of our prophet, Muhammad,” said they had given a small book about the Prophet sal-Allaahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam (صلى الله عليه و سلم) on Joanna.

Because of using Malay language, Joanna apparently do not understand. He was eventually rejected by gently so that the children do not take offense.

“…. But miss you my English teacher you have to learn our language, Malay language. This is a gift from us and read.” Finally, the book was accepted by Joanna as she was stunned to think how good they are.

Joanna really appreciate the gift, as if he was given special attention by the children, he was deeply moved.

Since then Joanna interested in Islam. He took to the bookstore when Joana was in Kuala Lumpur. Children’s message was quite an impression in his heart.

Apparently a lot of books about Islam in English. Joanna bought a small Malay English dictionary. He thought kids would be happy if they knew that he was learning the Malay language. Since then, Joanna became interested in Islam to know the two sentences say the creed.


Nini another story, a woman from Indonesia who is also resident (who was married to British settlers) has a unique story. Employee in a Department Store was here long enough, 10 years. Formerly he was a dancer. Friendly and lively. His friends everywhere. Having joined an Indonesian student recitals in London he found something, admitted to feeling happy to be in a comfortable environment as well as getting lots of input.

One day there was quite a drastic change. Nina wants to wear the hijab. But he just wear them to the place of home study, then to the supermarket or to the station. But until he is off at work. There selaksa sense of sin, but Nina was to cultivate his courage.

Every time he came to study, often the cloth triangle slipped and fell kepundaknya.

One day, I admonished him, “Where penitinya Nin,” I helped him to pin her.

“Wow, why even so beautiful anyway, tuh clay on the glass, even beauty burst,” I said reassuringly. True, he tanpak more beautiful and graceful. He smiled shyly proud intervene.

“If you have not dared to full time, part-time first try, get used first, so we can get PD (confident), and the people around us are not surprised,” so my advice.

One day, he made observations. Secretly he find out how many Muslim women in the work place. He was surprised, it is quite a lot. Finally, each to kepengajian, he was busy discussing and talking about hijab. Nini finally started to become obsessed with hijab. He even asked for advice when he can start wearing it to work for.

“I’m waiting for the time, I support me,” he added. “I’m afraid of being fired tea,” he seemed alarmed. And I calm him by explaining that the belief is protected by law. Like the Jews in this place, who also wore something on his head.

A ketia, Nini take ‘day off’, Nina invites his friends to drink coffee. Of course she wore a headscarf. At the time of going home, he suddenly turned to where he worked for just convey my hello to his friends. Apparently he forgot that wearing a headscarf. Of course all his friends were surprised. Muslim coincidence that the supervisor was in situ.

“Ooh .. I did not know you wear hijab, Nin,” he says. She blushed as she said that she was wearing hijab.

“Why dont you wear it to work,” she challenged.

“Really? Can I wear the hijab to work?,” As if in disbelief to hear that the offer was considered to be very exciting.

“Well of course you can .. I will talk to my manager and I am sure you have the right in this country,” he assured.

I can not imagine the feeling of joy in the hearts of Nini day. He got full support from the supervisor. He came home with a step which, duh it’s so light. He wanted to shout to the sky. Nini is now wearing a headscarf in the colors adapted to the work uniform.

Interestingly, it is said a lot of steps were then followed by some Muslim women who had been hiding from hiding.

And as always, friends and companions who used to go to a disco or a get together to have fun, they one by one away from Nini.


One day, a woman named Jannifer, call me sister Jane, a Muslim convert who I knew in front of the French Embassy, while protesting about the hijab. Secretly, we became friends.

One day, through a phone line, he talked about his faith.

“Since I’ve bersyahadat which means my testimony and recognition of the existence of one God and Prophet Muhammad kesaksikan me that is the Messenger of Allah, then this is a commitment and my promise. Means I can not just take half measures. I have to take the whole person, including of course wear the hijab, “he said.

When starting to convert to Islam, Jennifer did not know how to wear hijab. He bought two pieces and then draped head-scarf.

By wearing the hijab, he admitted more calm on the streets, without attracting the attention of men who have always thought that women are sex objects.

“I am free from the pressure to marasa beauty competition. I then could be more simple look, “he explained.

However, there is also a look at the various views, but Jane did not care.

“When I wear the hijab I felt warmth in my heart and soul. There is a sense of security and calm, although I feel that I am still not able to fulfill the commandments, I am afraid that I have not been able to achieve ridhoNya,” says Jennifer.

I, Joanna, Nini and Jane and the Muslim in the UK (and in other European countries) are very lucky, the general population is quite democratic protect our choice to use the hijab.

Hijab girls came over to England and did not immediately alias suddenly. Although there are some few Muslim women suddenly want to wear the hijab, but generally the influence of friends.

However, only a piece of cloth draped on our heads, in this country should require a “jihad” of its own.

The event of major incidents in the UK, July 7 (the case of a bomb on an underground train), for example, forcing Muslim women be extra careful. Not least among women from the target public. On the streets of Muslim women are insulted, spat at or cursed at, ‘Hey terrorists’ or other uncomfortable treatment. But for those who know the country will understand the situation. Even my kids could say, “Just ignore them mum, They are just so ignorant.” (They did not know anything, so ignore it).

According to the data, the Muslim population in the UK is currently around 2.8 million (4.6 percent of total population). Britain has the third largest Muslim community in Europe, after Germany and France. Muslims could be found anywhere, including overflow Friday prayer worshipers in the streets.

And the veil, now a part of the community in the United Kingdom as a diverse nation; both nationalities, ethnicities and religions and colors. You can see the veil on the go, to flow. Except in Bromley, particularly in my village in Pettswood.

I sometimes think, “Ah-don’t just do my own veil, which happens to the population 98.5% are white / British.” It’s just, I feel, the people around me do not feel threatened by my presence.

Although a minority, I still diffuse, rather than isolate themselves with the people around, while showing our Islamic morals.

My prayer from you, hopefully, I and other Muslim women in the UK remain enforcing istiqomah It ordered according to the genitals as the letter of al-Ahzab: 59, “O Prophet, tell your wives, your daughters and wives of the believers, let they extend their garments throughout their bodies. That is so they are easier to be recognized, therefore they are not disturbed. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. “[QS. 33:59]. * / Al martyr, Bromley, February 5, 2012


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