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Mrs. Fox Giant British Craft Felt calm after converting to Islam

Giant Fox Craft

Finding peace of mind and contentment make me to know Islam, and because of this I started to read books these days of Islam and Alhamdulillah I am a Muslim, said Ms. Khadijah, a British Muslim convert formerly known as Giant Fox Craft a confidante reveals the interview with a correspondent for an Indian daily, Siasatnews.

He said, as a Muslim, he wanted to serve the welfare and prosperity of society, because the Muslims away from social activities because of lack of effort to alleviate poverty of the Muslim community.

Khadija’s mother told her that he did not have contentment when he lived as a Catholic Christian family, though he has all the freedom and luxuries in his family.Khadijah who came from England said that before embracing Islam he spent his life of luxury, she spends her time singing and dancing, but despite all this, he felt no satisfaction in his heart.He said his condition to his friends. Meanwhile, he met with some Muslim friends who persuaded him to convert to Islam.

Khadija’s mother who is a teacher said, when he was studying Islam she felt a strange change in his life. He started learning the basic principles of Islam, after which he felt satisfaction that he has been looking for since many years.He said he aspires to establish a modern orphanage in the city of Hyderabad and other cities in India for poor children and orphans. (Siasat News)

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Football player Nicolas Anelka: That Islam Religion of Peace

Anelka: Islam Itu Agama Damai

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, LONDON – For lovers of English football and Spanish, of course recognize the figure of Nicolas Anelka. 33 year-old striker has downs competition in the Spanish La Liga and the Premier League while playing for five English clubs and Real Madrid. But, there are striking differences from the current figure of Anelka was with Arsenal and Real Madrid in the late 1990s to the present Anelka.

Yes, Anelka is known as an explosive player and fussy. But that was then and he has now changed. Changes that appear once when it was put together the Chelsea Blues. What is it Anelka? Why now he is more thoughtful and quiet?

In an interview with the media in English, French striker to answer all his changes because he had converted to Islam.

“Islam helped me be calm, centered, and have high moral,” said Anelka was quoted as saying

“I love being a Muslim, a religion of peace, and I learned a lot from Islam,” the converts who have the name of Islam, Abdul Salam Bilal Anelka’s.

Earlier, Anelka had to hide the identity of Islam to the public. Unlike his counterpart in the French team, Franck Ribery who always prayed when the game starts. Anelka was silent and completely hide his Muslim identity.

“For me, religion is a personal matter, need not be disclosed to the public,” said Anelka, who is now the interpreter knocked on the origin of Chinese Super League team, Shanghai Shenhua.

Then, when people already know his identity as followers of the teachings of Muhammad, Anelka started to change his attitude and tend to be more prudent. Since when Anelka converted to Islam? Apparently, kepindahanya to Turkish club, Fenerbahce, after Manchester City in 2004 to strengthen the cause. In Turkey, he is believed to utter two sentences creed.

At that time, Anelka guidance to embrace Islam after direct contact with the Turkish culture. Since then, the former Paris Saint-Germain striker was beginning to show its Islamic identity.



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Mr. Mustafa Davis of California: Embracing Islam after reading Surah Maryam

Mustafa Davis: Memeluk Islam Setelah Membaca Surah Maryam
 Mr Mustafa Davis

Mustafa Davis was born and raised in the bay area in northern California. He is now known as a filmmaker and artist of the world. As an artist, Davis loves beauty. And the beauty of the most beautiful smile in his eyes is a simple, sincere man, who took him to Islam 16 years ago.

It all began on a Wednesday in the month of May 1996, Davis met a friend on his way to campus. Belakangan Davis knew he and man named Whitney Canon is learning French in the classroom sama. Then, knowing that Whitney is an artist and musician seems, Davis often spent time with him after that, especially in the chamber music hall piano in college.

During one semester, by way of sneaking, he and Whitney spend time in the room, and playing music or talking about spiritual matters there. On a Wednesday in the same year, with one of his friends, Whitney Canon (now Muslim), Davis was eating sushi at a Japanese restaurant near campus. On that occasion, Davis presented a confession that he was tired of life she lived.

“I want my life back on track,” he wrote in a note in his Facebook account, Becoming Muslim in America (reprinted by in an article entitled Becoming Muslim: Five Words That Changed My Life). According to Davis, his lifestyle at that time away from success, and the only religion that might change his life. “I have to go back to church,” said the former adherents of these Catholics.


Whitney suddenly asked if he ever thought about Islam. Davis replied “no” and told Whitney that Islam is the religion of the Arab or black separatist movement. From a lot of information and events, Davis only has a negative stigma about the religion in his brain. “Besides, I have never seen a good and devout Muslims at the time,” he said.

Found a negative response from Davis, Whitney then tells the story of her brother who converted to Islam. Of her sister, Whitney (who was not a Muslim) said that Islam is not just for Arabs as well as a universal religion. Whitney then asking new questions in Davis, “Do you know Muhammad?”

Davis claimed to only know one person with the name of Muhammad, that Elijah Muhammad (one of the main leaders of the Nation of Islam). Whitney went on to explain there is a man named Muhammad who is the true prophet of Arab origin. “You’ve got to know him,” said Whitney.

Hearing the word “Arab,” Davis was not interested to enter into further discussions about Islam. He then end the conversation and move it to where it works, because Davis worked at night.

Home from work, Davis stopped by a bookstore to buy a Bible. As he passed a row of shelves themed “Eastern Philosophy,” Davis outlook suddenly fixed on a green book. The name “Muhammad” written with gold embossed on the cover. “I stopped, thought for a moment, and took the book off the shelf,” he said.

Davis excited curiosity when I read the small headline in the paper MUHAMMAD: His life based on the Earliest Sources. “The word” source of the earliest “menggelitikku because I’m very aware of the theological debate about the number of errors found in the Bible. The fact that bothers me, “said founder and Mustava Davis Media Cinemotion this Incorporation.

Davis opened the book and with some difficulty trying to read a lot of spelling words in Arabic. “Four or five sentences that I read mentioned the word” Koran “a few times,” he said. Arabic spellings are difficult to justify it and then felt his understanding that Islam is the religion of the Arabs. Davis then returned the book to the shelf.


When moving left, the gold writing on the cover was pulled back view of Davis, so he turned back to the book. At that time, he saw another book called The Koran, and the thought of some new words that he read in a book called Muhammad.

After retrieving and opening it at random, Davis faced with the first page of Surah Maryam. “I read chapters from beginning to end and feel my body shiver when I read a detailed explanation of the birth of Prophet Jesus (Isa as) is amazing,” he said.

“I do not think that Muslims believe that birth is amazing, and that they do not believe in Jesus as the son of God. As a Christian, I could never accept the claim that God has a son, “he added. Davis cried with a translation of the Koran in his hand. He decided to buy the book, forget the purpose to buy the Bible, and leave the bookstore.


The next day, Thursday morning, while walking toward the campus, Davis passed a small booth Senegal belonged to a man who sells crafts, purses, and stuffed Africa. He was busy with shoppers when Davis approached a booth and see a wallet. When the customers left, the black man approached Davis with a friendly smile.

“His smile was something that had never found before. I can only describe that smile was full of light and love, “Davis writes with great amazement.

Khadim was a man named Davis greeted, “Hi, my brother, how are you?” And continue with another question after Davis answered, “Brother, are you a Muslim? You look like a Muslim. ”

Not yet finished with a smile of admiration Khadim, Davis made was surprised by the question. He replied that he was not a Muslim, but only buy the Koran on the night before they met. Khadim smile growing. He approached Davis and gave him a hug as she kept saying, “It’s very beautiful, my brother. It’s great. I’m happy for you. This is a sign from God. You make me so happy, my brother. ”


Wonder Davis has not ended. When entering the time of midday, Khadim asked for his help to keep his booth while he prayed. Davis is willing and missed two classes that day. “I’ve never found the person he was as sincere, who smiled at me, hugged me, and said he was happy for me.”

As with Khadim’s, a student approached Pakistan and Senegal that greeted him. As Khadim, he thought Davis a Muslim, and happy to hear Davis had read the Koran. He then offered himself to accompany Davis offers a look around the mosque. And Davis accepted his offer.

The next day, students were picked up Davis and brought him to a mosque belongs to the Muslim Community Association in Santa Clara California after the first he invited Davis to lunch at his house. On arriving at the mosque, Davis greeted about 40 men who greeted him with a smile.

After sitting down and join the men, Davis was asked if he knew anything about Islam. She described the Koran had bought and delivered the things he knows about Islam through the book. “Then one of them asked me if I believed in the Prophet Muhammad and without hesitation I said ‘Yes.’ I asked if I believe that Jesus is God or son of God, I said ‘No’.”

He went on to explain many things about Islam at Davis; angels, the books of Allah, the day of judgment (yaumul reckoning), and many others. After giving that explanation, he asked if Davis believe any of it. Davis again said “Yes,” then he said, “That is what Muslims believe and you believe it. So if you want to become a Muslim? ”

Davis again said ‘Yes’ without doubt. The man then led her to read the creed. “I remember that day on 17 Ramadan 1416 H,” he said.


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” Ocean” Veil Flowing in the United Kingdom

My friend Anisa from Barbados who also invited me to his house in Tooting Muslim convert, for a farewell gathering. This family would emigrate to Cairo, to taste life with shades of ‘Islamic’ he said.

I was introduced to his friends a multi-nation and color. There is a genuine British, the French Algerian woman, Jamaica, Ethiopia and Nigeria. Very unique.

I’m interested in the appearance of Joana Rowntree, British Muslim women who wear the original full Islamic dress. Similar abaya, a loose, gray with a blue veil. I say hello and introduce myself.

Joanna, the British women aged around (26 years), recently converted to Islam about 3 years. Joanna works as a Medical Reseach work in Guy Hospital, London Bridge.

He had a long spiritual journey. Once, after high school in England, he was not directly to the university but decided to traveled the world. He believed that wander can expand horizons. “Travel can broaden your mind,” he said.

And he signed up to be volonteer the British Council. Teaching English is the only way to exit the country, told me when he recalls the early convert to Islam.

“I want to find the experience to go abroad”, he added. Joanna finally chose to Sarawak, Malaysia.

“It’s far away, in a village in the interior of the island of Borneo,” Joanna said as she watched her blond hair.

“Malay people are very kind and gentle. The Malays good and gentle, I feel at home there. To the extent that I lived there about 10 months,” he added.

And what makes it to Islam?

One day, during recess, the students always come to him. Usually, they always come say hello. One day, apparently they held out a small book and thin.

“Miss .. miss familiar with the prophet Muhammad, the Messenger of us?” Asked one of them, they are crowded and each wants to be attention.

“Who is Muhammad tuh … I do not know,” Joanna patiently answering their questions.

“It’s miss .. read this book … here is the history of our prophet, Muhammad,” said they had given a small book about the Prophet sal-Allaahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam (صلى الله عليه و سلم) on Joanna.

Because of using Malay language, Joanna apparently do not understand. He was eventually rejected by gently so that the children do not take offense.

“…. But miss you my English teacher you have to learn our language, Malay language. This is a gift from us and read.” Finally, the book was accepted by Joanna as she was stunned to think how good they are.

Joanna really appreciate the gift, as if he was given special attention by the children, he was deeply moved.

Since then Joanna interested in Islam. He took to the bookstore when Joana was in Kuala Lumpur. Children’s message was quite an impression in his heart.

Apparently a lot of books about Islam in English. Joanna bought a small Malay English dictionary. He thought kids would be happy if they knew that he was learning the Malay language. Since then, Joanna became interested in Islam to know the two sentences say the creed.


Nini another story, a woman from Indonesia who is also resident (who was married to British settlers) has a unique story. Employee in a Department Store was here long enough, 10 years. Formerly he was a dancer. Friendly and lively. His friends everywhere. Having joined an Indonesian student recitals in London he found something, admitted to feeling happy to be in a comfortable environment as well as getting lots of input.

One day there was quite a drastic change. Nina wants to wear the hijab. But he just wear them to the place of home study, then to the supermarket or to the station. But until he is off at work. There selaksa sense of sin, but Nina was to cultivate his courage.

Every time he came to study, often the cloth triangle slipped and fell kepundaknya.

One day, I admonished him, “Where penitinya Nin,” I helped him to pin her.

“Wow, why even so beautiful anyway, tuh clay on the glass, even beauty burst,” I said reassuringly. True, he tanpak more beautiful and graceful. He smiled shyly proud intervene.

“If you have not dared to full time, part-time first try, get used first, so we can get PD (confident), and the people around us are not surprised,” so my advice.

One day, he made observations. Secretly he find out how many Muslim women in the work place. He was surprised, it is quite a lot. Finally, each to kepengajian, he was busy discussing and talking about hijab. Nini finally started to become obsessed with hijab. He even asked for advice when he can start wearing it to work for.

“I’m waiting for the time, I support me,” he added. “I’m afraid of being fired tea,” he seemed alarmed. And I calm him by explaining that the belief is protected by law. Like the Jews in this place, who also wore something on his head.

A ketia, Nini take ‘day off’, Nina invites his friends to drink coffee. Of course she wore a headscarf. At the time of going home, he suddenly turned to where he worked for just convey my hello to his friends. Apparently he forgot that wearing a headscarf. Of course all his friends were surprised. Muslim coincidence that the supervisor was in situ.

“Ooh .. I did not know you wear hijab, Nin,” he says. She blushed as she said that she was wearing hijab.

“Why dont you wear it to work,” she challenged.

“Really? Can I wear the hijab to work?,” As if in disbelief to hear that the offer was considered to be very exciting.

“Well of course you can .. I will talk to my manager and I am sure you have the right in this country,” he assured.

I can not imagine the feeling of joy in the hearts of Nini day. He got full support from the supervisor. He came home with a step which, duh it’s so light. He wanted to shout to the sky. Nini is now wearing a headscarf in the colors adapted to the work uniform.

Interestingly, it is said a lot of steps were then followed by some Muslim women who had been hiding from hiding.

And as always, friends and companions who used to go to a disco or a get together to have fun, they one by one away from Nini.


One day, a woman named Jannifer, call me sister Jane, a Muslim convert who I knew in front of the French Embassy, while protesting about the hijab. Secretly, we became friends.

One day, through a phone line, he talked about his faith.

“Since I’ve bersyahadat which means my testimony and recognition of the existence of one God and Prophet Muhammad kesaksikan me that is the Messenger of Allah, then this is a commitment and my promise. Means I can not just take half measures. I have to take the whole person, including of course wear the hijab, “he said.

When starting to convert to Islam, Jennifer did not know how to wear hijab. He bought two pieces and then draped head-scarf.

By wearing the hijab, he admitted more calm on the streets, without attracting the attention of men who have always thought that women are sex objects.

“I am free from the pressure to marasa beauty competition. I then could be more simple look, “he explained.

However, there is also a look at the various views, but Jane did not care.

“When I wear the hijab I felt warmth in my heart and soul. There is a sense of security and calm, although I feel that I am still not able to fulfill the commandments, I am afraid that I have not been able to achieve ridhoNya,” says Jennifer.

I, Joanna, Nini and Jane and the Muslim in the UK (and in other European countries) are very lucky, the general population is quite democratic protect our choice to use the hijab.

Hijab girls came over to England and did not immediately alias suddenly. Although there are some few Muslim women suddenly want to wear the hijab, but generally the influence of friends.

However, only a piece of cloth draped on our heads, in this country should require a “jihad” of its own.

The event of major incidents in the UK, July 7 (the case of a bomb on an underground train), for example, forcing Muslim women be extra careful. Not least among women from the target public. On the streets of Muslim women are insulted, spat at or cursed at, ‘Hey terrorists’ or other uncomfortable treatment. But for those who know the country will understand the situation. Even my kids could say, “Just ignore them mum, They are just so ignorant.” (They did not know anything, so ignore it).

According to the data, the Muslim population in the UK is currently around 2.8 million (4.6 percent of total population). Britain has the third largest Muslim community in Europe, after Germany and France. Muslims could be found anywhere, including overflow Friday prayer worshipers in the streets.

And the veil, now a part of the community in the United Kingdom as a diverse nation; both nationalities, ethnicities and religions and colors. You can see the veil on the go, to flow. Except in Bromley, particularly in my village in Pettswood.

I sometimes think, “Ah-don’t just do my own veil, which happens to the population 98.5% are white / British.” It’s just, I feel, the people around me do not feel threatened by my presence.

Although a minority, I still diffuse, rather than isolate themselves with the people around, while showing our Islamic morals.

My prayer from you, hopefully, I and other Muslim women in the UK remain enforcing istiqomah It ordered according to the genitals as the letter of al-Ahzab: 59, “O Prophet, tell your wives, your daughters and wives of the believers, let they extend their garments throughout their bodies. That is so they are easier to be recognized, therefore they are not disturbed. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. “[QS. 33:59]. * / Al martyr, Bromley, February 5, 2012


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Artists from Australia, Mr. Peter Gould convert to Islam

Peter Gould: Islam Benar-benar Sebuah Filsafat yang Indah

Peter Gould

Artist from Australia is starting to explore Islam in 2002. All started from his visit to Muslim countries to enrich his artistic inspiration.

“I’m very inspired by the old towns such as Granada, Fes, and Damascus. Experience was enriched horizons of thought and open up my creativity, Thank God,” he said.

Peter Gould, the artist, fell in love with the design elements and artistic traditions of the Middle East who have been hundreds of years old. “I shoot a lot of things and trying to absorb the details. Calligraphy, the domes, tiles, arches, and the bright colors are amazing. It’s really amazing. ”

“I am compelled to put everything I saw into the work and combine it with graphic design projects and works of art that I made,” said Gould. For him, Islamic art has an extremely rich spectrum.

His admiration for the design of Islamic art coloring curiosity about Islam, the religion which he knew from a Muslim friend who had met only. The new color which immediately fills the hearts of his art was once the heart of the artist to establish bersyahadat in the same year, ten years ago.


Peter Gould was born and grew up in the middle of a non-Muslim family in Sydney, Australia, and spent his time there. Graduated from Sydney Technical High School, Gould was a student at the University of Technology in Sydney and explore the art of design.

When he was 19 years, through one of his friends, Gould knew a Muslim female South African nationality. Behaviors and traits of a girl named Inshirah Khan had met only brought forth a great curiosity in Gould, about the Muslim and his religion.

“He is a smart woman, and very patiently answered my questions. That made me even more curious, “Gould said in an interview. Of the Muslim friends, Gould continued to seek out and slowly understand Islam. He also began attending lectures and reading some books about Islam.

When the greater curiosity about Islam, Gould began to be careful. Especially in the family, given that none of their background or had any contact with religion being studied at that time.

“I put my own interest in, and for a year hiding under a pile of magazines Koran my guitar,” said the man who has been blessed with two daughters had.

Gould recognizes the efforts of Islam, and the explanation of many Muslim friends who helped him understand Islam, led to an important conclusion in his mind. Gould believes Islam is the most logical and beautiful manifestation of the two sentences creed. “The woman has now become my wife, thank God,” says the founder of Creative Cubed Pty Ltd is.

About the biggest factor that makes Islam accept, Gould describes the religion of Prophet Muhammad brought that provides the complete guide to living life. In addition, he found that the Koran, the Muslim book, is a document that contains all that phenomenal.

Interesting things about Islam in the eyes of Gould is a rejection of materialism and individualism, as is the case in Western countries. “Islam is really a beautiful philosophy. I find many things through the principles of universality, “said Gould.


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Curiosity Brings the father of United States Ron Mastro Reading the Quran and Islam

Regardless of the many controversies associated with the figure of Harun Yahya’s works, but some of the works of Harun Yahya has made a lot of people woke up and began to study Islam, one of which was called Ron Mastro who became interested in Islam after reading one book by Harun Yahya.

And follows the journey of Ron Mastro found Islam:

My name is Ron Mastro, and I want to tell you today how I was interested in reviewing and converted to Islam after reading the works of Harun Yahya.

When I was a kid, I was raised a Christian in the United States. I went to church every Sunday and I went to Sunday school, just like other American kids do. But when I was ten or eleven years, I stopped going to church, because I could not find the answer I was looking, and it makes me sad, not the explanation I received from the church can not satisfy me.

In my teenage years, I have left all religions together. Even so, I have never done something “bad,” but I forget the Lord, sya forget that God exists and God loves all mankind.

In the early thirties, I moved to the capital city of Prague in the Czech Republic, a beautiful city full of stunning architecture and a lot of fun.

One day, when I was on my way home, I stopped at the train station, and at the train station there is a small bookstore. I found a book in English titled “Matter: The Other Name for Illusion” by Harun Yahya. That I finally bought the book.

Discovering Islam

I brought home a book and started reading. And when I read this book, I realized that many of the questions I have on the youth could be missed. What is the nature of reality? What is truth? These are questions that can not be answered for me in my years as a young man.

Long story short, the more I explore the books that I read made a lot of things that begin to make sense to me. I began to understand and grasp things at a much higher level than before.

Curiosity with Islam managed to make my holy book the Koran. So, I started reading the Koran (translation, of course) from the first chapters. And when I finished reading it, a few days later, in my heart I realized that I have dealt with the truth. Alhamdulillah.

I realize that the Koran is really the word of God as revealed through the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. It answers so many questions I have; questions about Jesus, the question of Moses, Daniel, Ezekiel and many of the other great prophets of God, peace be upon them all.

And I began to realize slowly to gradually open my heart so that the way Islam is the true way to know God, and Islam is the true religion for mankind.

Today I live in Germany, I have a good job, I am very pleased with what I have, I am very pleased with what I do. I prayed every day, and I know even if I have done bad things in the past, God will forgive me for my sins.

Indeed, Islam is a religion for all humanity, and Islam really are all from Allah, Alhamdulillah. (FQ / oi)

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Abd Al-Malik: The Story of Rapper French musician who will enter Islam

Abd Al-Malik: Kisah Musisi Rapper Prancis yang Bersyahadat di Jalanan

Abd Al-Malik

As a rapper, in early Islam, Abd al-Malik was upset when I heard Islam is not in line with his chosen musical art. In his autobiography, titled Sufi Rapper (2009), Abd al-Malik said the French rap culture born in the context of racism and xenophobia (fear of foreigners in excess) are widespread.

He lived in a ghetto (the neighborhood immigrant minorities) in France. “When I was a student, I often see politicians saying ‘We are all French,’ but I never saw a black man was on television. There was no French politician who is black, “he said.

He still remembers how he criticized the lack of opportunities for immigrant children, as well as the climate of poverty and crime in their homes. This was further exacerbated discrimination that occurs in various ways, also abuse by police. Therefore, when it became popular in the 1990s, criticized rap music as an art that glorifies violence and heightened racial tensions.


Before embracing Islam, he was named Regis. Born in Paris on March 14, 1975 under the name Régis Fayette-Mikano. In 1977, a bloody small Regis Kongo parents take them back to their home country and live in Brazzaville (the capital as well as the largest city in the Republic of Congo). Régis spent his childhood there, before he and his family returned to France and settled in the district of the ghetto called Neuhof (southern city of Strasbourg) in 1981.

When Regis enters adolescence, her father had left home. Since then, his mother struggled alone to raise and educate his children Regis. And since then also, Regis began to grow into petty criminals.

In a harsh new environment, without a father, Regis learning to meet the limitations and deficiencies that he found at home. From the petty crimes he did, he continued to grow into criminals who managed to establish dominance with some friends.

He grabbed and stole the car, in order to generate money that can not be obtained from the home. In that condition, Regis serving three life roles at once. He was a child who struggled to maintain his family life, students who excel in school, and a wily street criminals.

Regis chose to channel the frustration of rap music, also spoke and expressed social criticism of all that happened. Inspired by American rap in the 1980s, Abd al-Malik joined a group of relatives and friends and create a New African Poets, abbreviated as NAP.

In the middle kekritisannya, Régis enamored of the Black Power movement and idolize Malcolm X as a black Muslim hero who had dared to oppose injustice. For him and a number of young immigrants in France at that time, Islam offers an identity that is challenging.

Obtaining knowledge about Islam from Muslim preachers who preach in the streets. At the age of 16, Regis decided to convert to Islam and changed his name to Abd al Malik. For several years thereafter, with the Muslims, he toured France for calling young men to go to the mosque, and lengthen the beard grow, and stop drinking alcohol and taking drugs.

Some time involved, Abd al Malik saw that the popular doctrine in the French ghettos are explicitly not something hard. However, he said in Sufi Rapper, is a fanatical teachings encourage young immigrants to lampoon all things secular, modern and westernized. “And that just deepens our sense of alienation,” he said.

That’s where he re-discovered in his inner turmoil. As a teenager, Abd al Malik feel the sincerity and spirit of Islam as great as his desire to rap, an art that must he insult and stay away. “Because rap music is modern, and his westernized.”

Abd al Malik caught in the paradox that until a few years. “That hurt,” he said. It is increasingly becoming a pain because he committed crimes to finance his music and became a drug dealer. “These actions were not very religious.”

Until finally, one day, Abd al Malik went to a local criminal leaders and ask for a loan. After that, holding a garbage bag full of money, Abd al Malik sat down and cried alone in her apartment.


Inner turmoil that prompted him to gain a deeper understanding of faith. In that quest, he received an answer from mysticism, contemplative branch of Islamic Sufism.

He met a spiritual teacher from North Africa who taught that the essence of religion is love and awareness of the spiritual nature of every human being. “So, Islam is a religion of love. Islam is peace with yourself and others,” he said.

He came to the conclusion, that the position of Islam as a religious minority with a minority within Islam itself. “And it’s not the real Islam.”

Paradigm shift that expands the view of Abd al Malik on rap music and its role through the arts. He began writing songs for his solo album, and brought the message that called for racial understanding. One song, “12 September 2001,” is a request to separate politics and religion. An other song, “God Bless France,” describes the evolution of his personal hatred of patriotism.

In his autobiography, Abd al Malik wrote that in his music, he was just trying to translate the language of the heart. He decided to leave the hard rap and began collaborating with various musicians to develop a new sound that blends jazz music, singing, and poetry criticism that is aesthetically pleasing.

When the rapper continues to create another ‘angry music’ and – some of them – were accused of inciting violence, Abd al Malik stick with his choice. Rather than criticize the French system, Abd al Malik pushed the country to live in accordance with the ideals of democracy. Through his music that has won numerous awards, he pointed out that Muslims do not have to stay away from things modern. “Especially if we could do something with it.”

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