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Islam and Christianity in the eyes of Thailand Craig Owensby Abdurrohim

Kisah Muallaf

Residents cool city of Chiang Mai, Thailand, which meet a large church attendance was approximately 3,000 people. The speaker was a young pastor who came all the way from America named Craig Owensby. Rhetoric and dazzling appearance. People screaming, crying hysterically when heard praying, waving his hand.
In fact, in my heart was going a strange feeling. My God, these people listen to something that I myself have even less trust, Craig recalled the incident in 1992.
In the course of the same mission, the group boarded the van that Craig and other pastors stopped at a small village. While refueling, one of his friends entered the grocery store. Guard a Thai girl and her father, the Buddhist religion. The conversation occurred. A moment later, the friend out of the stall, and asked that others pray for Craig and the girl, because she wanted to embrace Christianity as long as his father’s hard, too.
After they gathered and prayed, Craig entered the stall, without a word. Maybe because I am bald look like Gautama Buddha, the girl’s father suddenly knelt down and looked at my face, the story of Craig. His hands were wide open, and says ready to convert to Christianity. My mind is getting confused. If I err, the more people I lead astray. I had to stop. Craig then stopped so the pastor.
Being a Muslim never imagined by Craig. Christian family Prebisterian very obedient. After years of pioneering business career, he decided to study the Bible in the school of theology at Princeton Theological Seminary.
At the same time, this tall man quietly studying Islam and the Koran. After not become priests, and doing business in Jakarta, Craig re interested in studying Islam. At that time he often roads in poor villages and slums Muara Baru, North Jakarta. Son of Walter Owensby priest is then nurture and educate some foster children from the village.
Big decisions to be taken precisely bersyahadat because of foster children. One morning, he was awakened by noises in the upstairs rented house. When checked, he found five foster children were praying. I think, they are stubborn and ‘crazy’, but still praying. I myself going? He said. Craig was bersyahadat.
Over the past two years as a Muslim, President Director of PT Spotcast Consulting Mobile Quran recognizes there are many shortcomings of the preachers and preachers Indonesia compared among Evangelicals (missionaries). “The Christians are very effective and smart take people’s hearts.”
Here is an interview Hidayatullah Magazine journalist, Akbar Cholis, Pambudi Utomo, and Dhikrullah with Lilis Fitriyah husband and father of Sarah Owensby Amani Zata this for half a day at his home in the area Cipete, South Jakarta. On the top floor of his large house, the residence also 10 people in foster care, aged 17-20 years. All the males.
What is the most difficult in the face of your foster children?
Problem enforce discipline. Once you make the rules, you must consistently apply it. Therefore I make a few rules so that the problem is too little.
For example, plates and glasses should not be there on the floor above. If you want to eat at the top, after the plates and glasses should be taken down. That rule is easy, anybody can do. Therefore, if breached, could so I am. So that he was embarrassed. But if I beat him, there would be problems with the family. Therefore I do not do that.
How much help do you provide?
I give 300 thousand per month for each of the 10 families and 200 thousand for snacks 10 children. They are now like my son.
Why bother to take foster children living with you?
Ever since I was a Christian pastor, I used to help others. Before I was Muslim, I want to give a little to someone else because I can afford and they do not. I therefore went to Muara Baru, Jakarta, fishing village which is very shabby and poor. From there I took a foster child.
Come there for the Christian mission?
No. Initially I was a Christian and devoted to the church. Later I found many problems in Christianity. If you study the right people will know Christians do not come from Jesus. Christianity today is the result of creativity Kostantin Emperor at the time of the Roman Empire. At that time the Christian community disintegrate. To unify and strengthen his power, Konstanstin choose one stream to be raised and used as the only flow that is considered correct. The flow was convinced Jesus was God, brought by Paul.
Prebisterian that what sect?
For me this is more like a stream of Islam than all other Christian denominations. Prebisterian resembled the classic Protestant. They would all have certain things, logical, and rational. Everything must believe the doctrine of the gospel, not the other. Prebisterian also believe in the trinity as well as Protestant.
They believe Jesus is the Creator who can make people go to heaven or hell and can do anything as you wish Jesus. They also believe that God can give power to anyone, including you or me. That Prebisterian. I personally believe that God can give us power.
But they also believe God has three persons namely, God Father, Jesus and the holy spirit. They also believe there is sin.
What do you permasalahkan of Christianity?
The problem is if Jesus was not raised to be god by Constantine, what will happen with Christianity? Do you believe it? In Paul’s time, Christianity was still in the process, but getting damaged when the time of Constantine.
There are two important issues in Christianity. The belief that Jesus as God and sin. If none of these two things, they like Islam. So in practice and their ideologies such as Islam.
Therefore, Islam should have a great ambition to spread the truth of the Christian. If we have good communication and effective on them, then there is no reason for him not to embrace Islam.
The problem is whether they still believe in the truth of Islam?
When Prophet Muhammad came and Islam expanded out of Arabia, on average, Muslims had been Christians. Because in fact, Islam is the reformation of the Christian world. Christianity is a reform of the Jews. But reform is most correct of course Islam.
The problem is, the culture of Muslims and Christians are very different. Especially the culture of Christians who came from the West. Western people only know Islam because he saw the veil. Not knowing the prayer, zakat, or anything else.
For the U.S. the value of justice for men and women is important. So I would say, women are also allowed into the mosque as men, although the Arabs say women do not have to come to the mosque. Because, I saw it just a matter of culture. There was no prohibition in Islam.
As another example, although I love the glove, the American society are less familiar with the culture of gloves because it will be considered a women’s clothing. Americans think less for both men when wearing a cap (head covering). For the U.S. it is considered a kind of Superstition (superstition). It must be remembered, many U.S. Catholics, but his attitude as Protestant. They believe, does not really matter because God clothes just to see what is in his heart. Therefore, if you keep pressing them wear hats like that, then you’ll be a little crazy. Including strange sight they see the hijab.
If there is a culture that is unfamiliar to you, then I do not have to introduce it. It’s just a matter of culture. God willing, over time many tactics that can be taken to introduce Islam.
How do you explain to Americans about the veil of your wife?
I believe the veil is the grace of God to the people of Islam as revealed in Medina. To the American community, I would say my wife chose the hijab because it was his own decision.
We believe today’s world view women as mere objects. With the hijab, people can finally see it and who he is, not merely objects of the body that can be seen.
When choosing a prospective wife, you make the veil as a criterion?
a. My criteria when choosing a wife is very simple: a good Muslim. You know, so I say you want to get married, everyone helped me find. Aa Gym, Arifin Ilham, Ihsan Tanjung, Didin Hafiduddin, there are cool and some are charming. Ustadz Ihsan example I chose is too old and gave me an old lady like me. Oh .. no. I want younger women and 25 years old.
Explore the many years of Islam, Craig claimed not feel complete and satisfied to be Muslim. To catch up after a busy routine business of worship and preach the spirit of Islam, in 2001, he fulfilled the beginning of Ramadan, comes the intention to develop the business of Al-Quran Mobile. This is a service to learn the Koran through the Short Message System (SMS) and displays four prominent preachers; Abdullah Gymnastiar, M Ihsan Tanjung, M Arifin Ilham, and Didin Hafidhuddin. With a large enough capital charger, 250 thousand USD, now Al-Quran Mobile has developed and has no less than 60 thousand subscribers. “But this is not pure business, is intended value of worship,” he said.

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Abdullah Delancey , a resident of Canada Assistant Pastor Become A Muslim

Everything then changed. My belief is to Christianity during the collapse. I no longer believe in Christianity or become a Christian. ”

Road to reach his goals as a pastor or missionary leader was wide open, but the road stretches that just took him to get to know Islam. So he finally decided to become a Muslim and give up all his ambitions, though by then he had become assistant pastor. He is Abdullah Delancey, a Canadian citizen who tells his journey to become a Muslim.

“Before, I was a Protestant Christian. My family raised me in the teachings of the Pentecostal Church, until I was an adult and I choose to be a fundamental Baptist church congregation,” says Delancey started the story.

According to him, as a devout Christian, when he was often involved with various church activities such as giving the sermon at Sunday school and other activities. “I was finally selected as the assistant pastor. I really want to serve more to God and decided to pursue a career to become a priest,” says Delancey who now work providing care to patients at a local hospital.

His desire, in fact become a Pastor or become a missionary. However, he thinks, if being a priest then it will strengthen the commitment of his life and his family at the church in full. Delancey had won a scholarship to take a degree in religion.

“Before attending Bible College, I think to better examine the teachings of Christianity and I started asking some serious questions about the teachings of my religion. I questioned the Trinity, menagapa God requires of a child and why Jesus had to be sacrificed to atone for the sin- human sin as mentioned in the Bible, “says Delancey is blessed with three children from his marriage for nearly 20 years.

The other thing that becomes a question mark for the Delancey, how can the people mentioned in the “Old Testament” can be “saved” and go to heaven when Jesus was not yet born. “I am seriously contemplating all Christian doctrine, that as long as I ignore this,” continued Delancey. He admitted not get the answer a plausible and reasonable to all the questions that became the basis of Christian doctrine.

“So, for what God gives us a tremendous sense if it is then we should not use it. That’s what commanded the Christian religion, Christianity asks us not to use reason when it states that you must have faith. A blind belief,” says Delancey, recalls his experiences in the past.

Since then, Delancey realized that he had been swallowed by the Christian teachings blindly and never question the things that actually made him confused. “I did not realize it,” says Delancey.

“I can not find answers in the Bible. Once I realized that the Trinity was just a myth and that God is powerful enough to” save “someone without the need for help from a child or anyone or anything else. Everything changed later. My belief for this to Christianity collapsed. I no longer believe in Christianity or become a Christian. ”

“I left the church for good and my wife followed my steps, because he also experienced the same thing in accepting the teachings of Christianity. This will be the beginning of my spiritual journey, when I was without a religion but still believe in God,” says Delancey .

Hidayah IBHS Coming

Delancey admit, those moments into moments that are difficult for himself and his family who had only know Christianity. But he continued to seek the truth and began studying various religions. Delancey continue to see irregularities in the religions he had studied, until he heard about the Islamic religion.

“Islam! Especially that? As far as I remember, I’ve never known a Muslim and had never heard of Islam, even the talk about Islam as a religion in which I live in Canada but bad stories about Islam. At that time, I do not consider Islam, “says Delancey.

But then, Delancey began to read-read information about Islam and began to read the contents of the Koran. The contents of the Koran that changed his life so that he was interested to read anything about Islam. Luckily, Delancey find a mosque that is located about 100 miles from her hometown.

“I then took my family to this mosque. On the way, I felt nervous but also filled with the spirit and I ask myself, would I be allowed into the mosque because I am not an Arab or a Muslim,” Gomez said.

After arriving at the mosque, I also feel that there is nothing to worry about. He and his family were warmly welcomed by an Imam and a number of Muslims in the mosque. “They are very good. Not as bad as the news about Muslims,” ​​I Delancey.

In the mosque, Delancey was given a book written by Ahmad Deedat and he could be convinced to become a Muslim. Delancey read all materials about Islam and greatly appreciate the gift, because in the library where he lived only four books on Islam.

“After studying the books, I was very shocked. How can I become a Christian for so long and never heard the truth? I finally believe in Islam and want to convert to Islam,” the story of Delancey.

He then contacted the Muslim community in his town and on March 24, 2006 I went to the mosque and say the Shahadah just before the implementation of Friday prayers, in the presence of Muslim communities in his city.

“I say La illaha ill Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. I became a Muslim. It was the best day of my life. I love Islam and feel at peace now,” says Delancey remember back to when he became a Muslim.

Delancey admitted, he and his family faced hard times after it decided to embrace Islam, especially from friends who are Christians and from both parents. He no longer recognized as a child and his friends are Christians no longer wants to talk to him. Delancey shunned even laughed at.

“I am pleased to be a Muslim, no matter if my friends see my fellow Canadians weird for choosing to become a Muslim. Because I will personally accountable for my actions to God after I die.”

“God gave me strength and God Almighty help me to get through the tough times after I converted to Islam. I had so many brothers and sisters now,” Delancey said.

After converting to Islam, Delancey changed her first name and be called now Abdullah Delancey. be the first and only Islamic spiritual director is allowed to work in a hospital in his city. He also manages an Islamist website that dididirikannya

“I am a Muslim and I am very happy to be a Muslim. Gratitude I pray to Allah,” said Delancey end the story of his journey from an assistant pastor became a Muslim. (IOL

source: eramuslim

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From Guantanamo to Mecca, the Acts of the new convert Berumrah Prison Guard

Dari Guantanamo ke Makkah, Kisah Mualaf Penjaga Penjara yang Berumrah

Terry Holdbrooks

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JEDDAH – the Grand Mosque in Makkah is very long distances, when juxtaposed with the Navy’s Camp Delta U.S., which is known as a detention center at the base in Guantanamo Bay. However, a close when the liver was determined. That perceived former Guantanamo prison guards, Terry Holdbrooks.

Terry, now known as Mustafa, embraced Islam in 2003. He bersyahadat news soon spread among the soldiers at Guantanamo, especially when it is his job overseeing detainees terrorism.

But he was determined to face all the risks, and will not turn back, denying the creed. He was dismissed shortly afterwards.

Where did Terry received the light of Islam? A detainee from Morocco, contributed to give her Islamic knowledge. Previously, he was fascinated by the role of Morgan Freeman played a Muslim character in the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Although not the main story, but the Muslims in the movie are painted properly.

Interactions with detainees prompted him to see Islam more deeply and learn for himself. “The more I read the more convinced of the truth of Islam,” he admits.

As a member of the military, he did not feel heavy with discipline in Islamic teachings. “I enjoyed the military, and I enjoy Islam; both require discipline.”

Stop the prison guard, he handles civil affairs. No problem for him. The problem: he wanted to visit the Holy Land, pilgrimage or berumrah. But the distance and the cost is not small.

Shoots be loved side dish arrived. One day, she received a letter from the Canadian Dawah Association (CDA). The contents: an invitation to perform Umrah.

He was invited by Shazaad Muhammad, president and founder of the Canadian missionary Association (CDA), to perform minor pilgrimage, umrah. He jumped in delight. “This activity is inspired by the Prophet Muhammad who sends out invitations to local leaders and invite them to embrace Islam,” said Mohammed Shazaad, CDA leadership Celebrity Relations Program, who is also UN Ambassador.

Terry did not waste the opportunity. When the permit is already in the hands of superiors, she soon left.

“When I first saw the Mecca and see the Kaaba, I was a little surprised,” he said. “I was stunned and realized that this was the center of my world now. Maybe not the center of the world everyone, but it is the center of my world. I want to live useful in Islam.”

During his visit to the Holy Land, he met with Sheikh Faisal Al-Ghazzawi, one of the imams of the Grand Mosque. He expressed his delight to receive advice how to keep the faith of the priest.

He also visited the factory kiswa, cover the Kaaba in Mecca and had the honor of putting a few stitches in the new kiswa will be placed in the Kaaba in the pilgrimage season by the end of this year. Only a week he was there and “Time is too short. I want to stay longer,” he said, claiming comfortable praying in Mecca and Medina.

Umrah home, he found his inner richer. “My mind is like a rejuvenated,” he said.

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Mrs.Susan Carland from Australia: Baptist Christianity to Islam

On the eve of the new year when he was 17 years, Susan Carland make some resolutions, and one of them is “to find out about other religions” in addition to the embrace of Christianity Baptist since childhood.

When she reveals that one resolution on the mother, the mother she loved replied casually, “I do not care if you marry a drug dealer though, but not marry a Muslim.”

At that time, the religion of Islam was not included in the priorities of religion who want Susan to learn, let alone thinking about marrying a Muslim. “Islam looks hard, sexist and foreign,” said Susan.

But two years later, at age 19, she became a Muslim. He spoke two sentences creed of his own accord, without the influence of anyone, including the influence of a man. Then Susan’s mother’s reaction to seeing his daughter converted to Islam?

One night, Susan’s mother said that he made the pork slices for dinner. Tonight was the first time Susan’s mother knew her daughter had become a Muslim. Susan’s mother called ‘victims’ of Islam. “But mother gave me a hug, though he was crying,” said Susan. A few days later, she decided instead to wear the hijab.

During the 8 years of Islam, relations with his mother Susan was experiencing hard times. But now their relationship began to improve. His mother even bought her scarf so often and send gifts to children during Eid al-Fitr Susan.

Susan completed her studies up to PhD level. He did research on the challenges facing women in leadership problems seasons. Susan is now a lecturer and tutor at the School of Political and Social Inquiry at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, for the field of gender studies, youth and the sociology of religion.

“I love Islam and Muslims, without a doubt. People who are most admirable and most inspiring I have ever come across is the Muslims, and it helps me not to withdraw completely from society,” said Susan.

Susan married a Muslim man in February 2002. He held his wedding at the Melbourne zoo. Her husband was a lawyer named Waleed Aly, who also serves as the executive board of the Islamic Council of Victoria. Aly, the Egyptian Muslim descent who were born in Australia was also a lecturer at Monash University and worked at the Global Terrorism Research Centre.

“When I embraced Islam, I and Waleed has not been met. I’m still alone. We decided to get married a few years after I became a Muslim,” said Susan.

Asked about his spiritual journey after converting to Islam, she revealed that she felt an intellectual freedom. “I started to go in the Muslim chat rooms on the internet. I am acquainted and establish communication with several Muslim women who were studying at my university. They patiently answered my questions,” said Susan.

He continued, “When I let the religion speak for itself through its traditions, through the clergy and the sacred text, to resist what is written by journalists at the tabloids and the appalling behavior of Muslims, I find that Islam is a religion of peace , egalitarian, socially just and beautiful balance between the spiritual and intellectual. ”

Susan preach Islam by making Salam Cafe television program that aired nationally by the Australian television network. He received many awards for the program that made it. Susan is also frequently invited as a speaker at churches, schools, business organizations, community organizations and even the Jewish community. He was active in various research institutes. No wonder if he ever elected Muslim toloh Australia in 2004, and get a prize of $ 2,000 which he donated to various charities, both Muslim institutions and non-Muslims. (Kw / oi)

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Mr. Christopher Patrick Nelson, a U.S. citizen Christians converted to Islam

Christopher Patrick Nelson, U.S. citizens of Irish descent, converted to Islam when he was 26 years old. Previously, the man who embraced the Christian religion was never studied a variety of beliefs ranging from Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, for curing her.

Until finally he found Islam and decided to become a Muslim. He acknowledged the Prophet Muhammad as a model of a comprehensive spiritual life, and Islam has saved him from “mental illness” he suffered and made her find a lost soul.

Since childhood, Christopher Patrick Nelson, already has a behavioral and emotional instability. At the age of 14, he had been treated on the ward for patients with psychiatric disorders, due to uncontrolled behavior. Until adulthood, Nelson often experience depression, have no desire to do anything, wanted to sleep on, and the worst feeling wanted to die. Nelson several times attempted suicide by slicing wrists ladder.

First, she was diagnosed with “paranoid-schizophrenia”, a term in the field of psychiatry when the experts could not determine with certainty the problems suffered by patients. Then, he declared to have a temperament “Bipolar”, double mannerism to the extreme, conflicting. Since then, Nelson struggled through his life that sometimes experiencing extreme mood swings.

People in the neighborhood Nelson often blames himself for his behavior that is not mature, because they do not understand the psychological problems they experienced. This complicates the Nelson in getting jobs and foster relationships with each other. He has worked less than a week at a pizza restaurant. Nelson was fired because of behavior that are less polite to customers.

“Depression is like hell. Rasa is slipped inside of me silently as ghosts. I remember, I was staring into an object, such as a coffee table, all of a sudden I would feel confusion and feel life is meaningless,” said Nelson.

To heal yourself, Nelson following the treatment which he called Western-style medicine, like meditation and therapy for people with psychiatric disorders, at a clinic in San Jose. But he felt, that kind of treatment to help her just a moment, not cure it.

Until finally, he found Islam to the “disease” her, right in front of a place of treatment of psychiatric disorders. “I always felt, at the bottom of my heart, that my disease relates to something in my soul – medication and therapy – therefore, can never heal,” said Nelson.

By embracing Islam, he studied the teachings of Islam which he said taught him to cleanse the soul from various liver diseases. “Islam gives me a sense of responsibility to yourself,” he said.

“I feel, read a specific prayer to God is very helpful, to protect myself from distractions that could plunge my demons. The attitude of discipline and prayer helps me to control my emotions and unstable …”

“When anxiety and depression that hit, I was surrounded by dozens of police, who threw me and berate me. I was praying, listening to and believing the words that I say in my prayers. Instantly my spirit calmed down and feel the peace, “continued Nelson.

He acknowledged, for peace of soul, was not just prayer but also influenced by what he ate and with whom a person to gather. According to Nelson, together with other brothers and sisters at the mosque, many helped to soothe the soul.

“Having a psychiatric disorder is a lifelong struggle. But after converting to Islam, I felt I was finally able to control myself. Islam teaches me to purify my heart and soul,” said Nelson.


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Reflections on new convert Lucy Bushill-Mathews: We Can not Force People to Sign In or Out of Islam

Refleksi Mualaf Lucy Bushill-Mathews: Kita Tak Bisa Memaksa Orang untuk Masuk atau Keluar dari Islam

Lucy Bushill-Matthews

LONDON – Lucy Bushill-Matthews, a Muslim convert and mother of three children, bringing new treasures in the Islamic world. He was educated woman, and likes to write. Some writings are recorded, the latest about everyday things become Muslim, which was translated in the Indonesian language by publisher Lantern Heart became “ME AN MUSLIMAH Muallaf: Funny and Sad Story of Being Muslim in the Land of Europe”.

To the Women Emel magazine, he wrote reflections about berislam choice. Here are his thoughts:

The latest news is about bersyahadatnya Lauren Booth, Tony Blair-in-law. Muslims almost universally pleased that the ‘sister’ Others have chosen to embrace Islam. Although recognized Booth: lots of love and many people do not like his choice.

The Qur’an upholds the principle: “There is no compulsion in embracing Islam.” (2:256) of Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 states: “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religious guidance.” This includes the freedom to choose religion, freedom to choose how to live our lives with faith as a guiding compass, the freedom to raise our children in the skeleton, and – from the point of controversy – the freedom to leave that religion.

When the Prophet Muhammad began to preach to the people around her 610 years, only he himself as a Muslim. Although there has been throughout the history of the Muslims (with ‘m’ small), literally means people who believe in God, but no one believes in complete credo, “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.”

In this era, every Muslim after Muhammad are converts. Muslims rejoice when other people accept Islam, and polytheistic tribal leaders of Quraysh became increasingly agitated, at one point drove the whole Muslim community into a barren valley for three years.

Today, change is greeted with mixed reaction, although without the same koreaksi asked if there is a new Muslim. Each vying to find out why he accepted Islam. I was impressed with the answers Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens every time I asked about why he converted to Islam, “Well why do you follow Islam? I am a Muslim for the same reason as you.”

Unfortunately, many Muslims who do not realize, why he is Muslim. Many Muslims who become Muslims simply because their parents were Muslim.

However, it is natural for parents to choose to raise them in their own faith. Unfortunately, if we have strict cultural education, this can be confused with and blame everything on our religion. (Actually, maybe that parenting parents wrong, red).

My children have protested at the way I educate them, who tried to incorporate moral values ​​and customs as well as the theological basis of Islam. “I want to have my free will,” said my daughter who turned pre-teen, when depressed by urging parents to make sure his room tidy. “My life would be much better if I’m not a Muslim,” he continued. “Islam told I should pray and feed the rabbits, reading the Qur’an and tidy my room.”

My son who was eight years old was also strongly believe in personal freedom. He wrote in diarinya, “It makes me sad I have to do anything I was told to do so. I’m happy if I get anything I want.”

We definitely have to acknowledge and respect the choice of our own children. I have been asked several times by people, some of them Muslims, “When are you going to make your child wear the hijab?” As if the problem is in my hands, instead of a very personal choice.

My oldest child, she had decided she wanted to make their own choices. “When I grow up,” he said, “I’ll look at all religions and see where the most sense to me.” I can only hope he is a ‘researcher’ best and jelly, though as a Muslim, it’s natural that I hope he chose Islam.

A recent case in the U.S. involve adolescents Fatimah Rafiqah Barry who chose Christianity, then fled from Muslim parents. He said he would be killed if he returned. But it says in the Qur’an (4: 80) “And those who turn away, we have not sent you as their guardian.”

Ubaydallah ibn Jahsh the time of the Prophet to leave Islam and embrace Christianity. He is free to live as a Christian until he died. We may not agree with her choice, but in this case, each person ultimately responsible to God, and not for others.

The Qur’an challenges us, “If you have a will of your Lord that all the people in the world should be believers, then everyone on earth will believe!” (10:99)

I can only continue to pray, I hope my children continue to grow in faith, and when large, still choose Islam as their religion.

Lucy Bushill-Matthews, adalah penulis Welcome to Islam – a Convert’s Tale dan kini mengelola beberapa madrasah di Inggris

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Mr.Nuh Ha Mim Keller from Chicago, United States Interested in Islam for More Whole and Perfect

Nuh HA Mim Keller Tertarik pada Islam karena Lebih Utuh dan Sempurna

Nuh Ha Mim Keller

CHICAGO – Mr.Nuh Ha Mim Keller’s renowned as an expert in Islamic law. In fact, he ditabalkan became a leading theologian and expert on Sufism in the West. Keller was a row of books translated into English. Behind all the accomplishments that, who would have thought, he is a devout Roman Catholic who later converted to Islam.

Keller was born in 1954 in the Northwestern United States (U.S.). He then studied philosophy and Arabic at the University of Chicago and University of California, Los Angeles. He claims raised in a farming area in families embrace devout Roman Catholic.

“Since childhood, the church provides a spiritual nature that is not denied, which is more real than the physical nature that is around me. However, I was growing up, my relationship with religion was sertamerta creates problems, in creed or charity, “he was quoted in a book case of Crescent in Upper Statue of Liberty.

Since childhood, he tried to read the Bible. However, when reading it, he said the holy book was rambling and did not have a coherent composition. “So that makes it difficult those who want to make it as a way of life,” said Keller. His views on religion that inherited their parents were more open when he started to go to college.

“When I go to university, I knew that the authenticity of the scriptures, especially the New Testament, is really questionable and is a product of modern hermeneutic study of the Christians themselves,” he said. Curiosity tehadap truth religion is very high. He then read a translation of Norman Perrin on The Problem of the Historical Jesus by Joachim Jeremias, one of the leading New Testament scholars of this century. This was done in order to understand contemporary theology.

Keller also began to be affected by the views Jeremias and the German theologian, Rudolph Bultmann, who stated that writing a biography of Jesus is an impossible dream. According to them, the actual life of Christ can not be reconstructed from the New Testament decisively.

“If this is recognized by the adherents of Christianity and one of the renowned textual expertise, then what will be said by his enemies?” Said Keller. He then studied philosophy at university.
According to him, philosophy teaches us to ask two things against anyone who claims to have kebenaranApa do you mean? And, how do you know?
He also filed a second question on the Roman Catholic tradition dianutnya. “However, I found no answers and I was aware that Christianity has been released from my hand. I then started to do a search that might not be popular with most young people in Baratyakni find the meaning behind the world is not meaningful, “said Keller.

In search of the truth of this, she then began to recognize the Koran. Initially, he only read the translations of the Koran. Keller admitted to not so interested in the translation of the Qur’an. He was just curious about the Koran in Arabic.

“I know the original book (the Koran) who speak Arabic have recognized the beauty and eloquence among the various religious books of mankind.
I am determined to learn Arabic for reading the original, “he explained.
He also decided to learn Arabic at Chicago.

Within a year, he managed to learn the grammar with good grades. Even so, he still feels lacking. Keller finally decided to study Arabic in Cairo, Egypt. In Egypt, Keller admitted to emukan something that really took him to Islam.

“That is a sign of pure monotheism in its adherents, is far more surprised than anything I’ve ever seen before,” said Keller. In the land of the pyramids, he met many Muslims, ranging from good to bad.

While in Egypt, there is an experience that is memorable in the hearts of Keller. Once, there was a man on the edge of the Nile River near the park Muqyas. The place is usually passed. He also approached the man. Apparently he was praying on a piece of cardboard, with her face to the other side of the water.

Initially, Keller claims will pass in front of him. However, the intention was diurungkannya. He chose to turn and walk behind the man who was praying it was because did not want to disturb. “I saw a man absorbed in his relationship with God, oblivious to my presence.”

He also had met a teenager in Cairo. The boy then say hello to Keller near the Khan al-Khalili. Students who sit in middle school who speaks English was telling him about Islam. He explained about Islam could. “When we parted, I think she prayed for me to become Muslim,” he said.

While in Cairo, Keller claimed to have a friend who came from Yemen. He always asks his friend to take the Qur’an and teach him to learn Arabic. Staying in a hotel room where there was no table. Thus, the Qur’an laid Keller near the books lined up on the floor.

See Keller save the Koran on the floor, his friend then leaned over and picked it up. “It glorifies the Koran. This impressed me because I know he is less obedient to practice the religion, but still looks the influence of Islam against him, “said Keller.

While in Egypt, Keller admitted experiencing a lot of events and experiences. After removing the dianutnya Roman Catholic religion, he preferred to irreligious while. Under conditions of no religion that is, his mind is always racing.

He realized too that a man must be religious.
At that time, he began to impress on the religious influence of Islam on the lives of Muslims. Keller assess the Islamic religion is so noble goal. “I became increasingly attracted to Islam because its expression is more complete and more perfect.”

Keller also gave thoughtful. Until finally, he realized that Islam is a religion of perfect roads. Religion is the most comprehensive and easy to understand to practice this in everyday life. He also really fall in love with Islam.

Until finally, a friend in Cairo to ask questions, “Why have you not become a Muslim?” When I heard the question, Keller has been believed that Allah has created her to be a part of Islam. “Islam is really enriches its followers, from the simplest hearts to the intelligentsia of the most intelligent. One becomes a Muslim not through tin engaged in acts of mind or the will, but solely through love of God, “he said. Keller also said two sentences creed and became a Muslim in 1977 in Cairo, Egypt. Until finally, he became a leading thinker and scholar. Islam in Nuh Ha Mim Keller’s view By Heri Ruslan Keller is an expert on Islamic law that recognized his greatness by a leading cleric Abd al-Shaghouri alRahman. No wonder if Keller was recognized as a sheikh in the tariqa tawasuf Shadhili. He settled in Amman, Jordan. He is known as a scholar and thinker of Islam in the modern age.

Then, what he thinks about the condition of Muslims today? Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller argues that the plight of political Islam today is not an Islamic religious humiliation, or place it on a low position in the natural order of world ideologies.

“I view it as a low phase in a broader historical turnover. Foreign hegemony of Islamic countries has never happened before, “he explained. According to him, Islamic civilization had slipped on harubiru destruction from the invasion of the Mongols in the 13th century AD

At that time, he said, the Mongols sacked the towns and set up a pyramid of human heads from the deserts of Central Asia to the heart of Islamic lands. “After that, fate has led to the Ottoman Empire to raise the word of Allah SWT, and make it a political reality that berlan thrilling sung for centuries,” he said.

According to him, this is the time to encourage contemporary Muslims to fight for new crystallization history of Islam, something that might be coveted mankind.


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