Found, Preaching the Gospel of the Prophet Muhammad’s arrival! Asia, Europe

28 Feb
Sebuah Injil berusia 1.500 tahun yang menceritakan kedatangan Nabi Muhammad SAW ditemukan di Turki. (

A 1,500-year-old Gospel which tells the coming of the Prophet Muhammad found in Turkey. ( – Cairo. A 1,500-year-old Gospel which tells the coming of the Prophet Muhammad found in Turkey. Reportedly, the Vatican has officially asked the Turkish government to see the gospel stored for 12 years in the country.

Minister of Culture and Tourism of Turkey, Gunay said Ertugul in line with the Islamic faith, the gospel of Jesus is treated as a human, not God. This fact, while rejecting the idea of the concept of the trinity and the crucifixion of Jesus.

“It said this gospel, Jesus told one of his pastor, how do we call the messiah? Muhammad is the name of the blessed, “said he read one verse in the Bible, as quoted, Monday (27/2).

Gunay said that this is also mentioned in the gospel of Jesus himself denied being the Messiah. Jesus says that the Messiah is a descendant of Ishmael the Arabs.

Previously, Muslims themselves mengklai Muhammad’s arrival message also contained in the gospel of Barnabas, Mark, Matthew, Luke and Yohannas.

Gunay said the Vatican had asked for a copy of the gospel when the gospel is about to smuggled out of Turkey in 2000. Now, the Gospel is in safe Ankara court. Later, the Gospel will be left to the Ankara Ethnography Museum.

However, the Church is skeptical of the authenticity of the Gospel. A Protestant pastor Ihsan Ozbek said the Gospel is from the 5th century or 6th. While Barnabas, which is the first adherent of the Christian life in the first century.

“A copy of the Gospel in Ankara may have been rewritten by one of the followers of Barnabas,” he said.

Because, he added, there are 500-year gap between Barnabas and writing copy Inkjil. “The Muslim community may be disappointed that the Gospel has nothing to do with the gospel of Barnabas,” he said.

While Professor Omer Faruk assess the gospel needs to be pursued further in order to ensure that the Gospel of Barnabas, or his followers created by


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