Nur Rahman Hakim: Guidance That Comes Through Dreams (Part-1)

08 Feb

Nur Rahman Hakim: Hidayah Itu Hadir Lewat Mimpi ( Bag-1)

Nur Rahman Hakim

Nur Rahman Hakim

The figure was boned man looked down at the middle of the northern corridor mushafnya at Salman Mosque in Bandung. At first glance, a man named Nur Rahman Hakim (32 years) it seemed like most of the congregation who is charging time to recite after ‘Asr.

When spoken to, spoken Islamic scholar graduate of Medina, Saudi Arabia was also fluent reciting Koranic verses. But when examined, there is little pressure typical of the eastern part of Indonesia in his voice every time Nur pronounce the sound ‘e’.

Brown skin and lateral line also implies that the firm faces muasalnya from distant regions. ” At first my name is Thomas Consesao,” said the man was born in East Timor. Name he held for a dozen years, before moving to become a Muslim.

Nur emigrated early in the process is not privileged. He did not remember the exact date when the creeds say for the first time. ” Islam in junior high, it’s 1992 or 1993, “he said as he tried to recall. At that time, the Government of Indonesia was held in the provincial military operations into the 27’s.

TNI instructed that all East Timorese religious re-register. Nur teen who likes to try new things is to propose to my father, mother, and his brothers to ‘try’ to register themselves as adherents of Islam.

Proposals received without much consideration, although they could have put back the old religion as an identity. Initially, her family embraced Catholicism, but also still strong local practice animism.

Before the military operation, Nur said, there are no indigenous Muslims in Los Palos, the capital of the eastern districts of Timor Island. The new Islamic identity was widely introduced by the soldiers who served there. In addition, even associate Nur Muslim figure with Suharto that his picture in the classroom.

” The Muslim president, so it’s great, “he said with a chuckle. Finally, the family joined the ranks of hundreds Consesao converts to give shahada in the mosque led Ustaz Attaqwa Subhan, Los Palos. Conscious of his religious knowledge is shallow, Nur diligently every day to recite the The only mosque in the Los Palos.

He was eager to walk to the mosque from his home in the village of Natura, although the distance is three kilometers apart. This routine lasted for about three years. In those days, worship Nur rudimentary. Because not understand that prayer should be five times a day, he was just performing routine Maghrib and Isha prayers.

Read the Koran was stumped because there is no modern learning systems such as Iqra method. Yet he often listened to lectures to increase knowledge of religion. On a dark night, the guidance is up to Nur. Real picture of Resurrection, which he often heard in the lecture, present in detail a detail in front of him.

At that time, he was sitting in class III SMP. In the dream, she cried uncontrollably then horrified to wake up. “I found myself crying, I was a wet blanket.” After that, he had azzam will study Islam seriously.

Techniques to take your lessons with a complicated system of Baghdadi he devoured immediately. Within four months, Nur was erased Juz Amma rote. He also won the second championship race as Los Palos tahfiz held to enliven the Ramadhan.

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