Mr. Dawud Wharnsby from Ontario Canada to Islam Quran Inspired

21 Jan

.Dawud Wharnsby: Alquran Menginspirasiku

Dawud Wharnsby
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Always looking for ways to express yourself. Such is life David Wharnsby. The man who was born and raised in Ontario, Canada’s childhood more happy to express what he feels about many things, rather than having to listen to the lessons at school. At that time, she preferred writing stories and drawing cartoons

Teenagers, the way David expresses itself evolved into photography and theater. Through the theater’s musical talent and well-honed writing. At age who are still teens, he began looking for what exactly is the purpose of his life. This headstrong teenager began to read various scriptures and writings that relate to spiritual studies.

At the age of 18 years, adolescent literacy introvet it stand all night just to write, listen to music, and studying the books containing the teachings of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism. Various spiritual concept began stuffing the head of David. It was then he spends in his musical expression.

David began to write many songs and poems. A self-taught, he studied a wide range of musical instruments which are then combined with the lyrics and voice are pitched as simple introspection. Through his songs, he started a lot of performing in various cafes, universities, and folk festivals.

In 1991, David began to plunge himself in various social activities. Starting from a puppet player and teacher for the children, itinerant singers, to help people with disabilities. This makes adventure activities into different areas.

He also started across Canada, the United States, even to England. Through how to make music, David began to show interest in the philosophy and spiritual teachings of Eastern countries. He was looking for a true spiritual philosophy.

The age of 20 years, David finally found the Koran and then decided to embrace Islam. After saying two sentences creed, he was using the name of Islam, ie, Dawud Wharnsby Ali. Religion for him is not just for human institutions. But something that should be applied in life.

”As word of Islam, I see it as a verb, a word that refers to the action,”said David in an interview with a magazine in 2006. According to him, Islam should be something done by its adherents, not something that just owned it. ”Islam should be implemented in life.”

For David, Islam seems not only a religion attached to it. He wanted to translate Islamic languages ​​through their behavior and way of expression. The Qur’an became his inspiration in music. David wrote many songs with percussion as an instrument, a form of nasheed.

He also wrote many songs that inspired kids from the Koran. Children’s songs originally recorded with just a guitar alone. “That I do to make a wide range of listeners can feel comfortable with the materialism of his songs,”he said.

In 1995, David managed to spawn an album titled Blue Walls and The Big Sky. In the following year, he launched his second album entitled A Whsiper of Peace. On his second album, he already begins to show the religious elements in his songs.

Call it, the song Al Khaliq, The Prophet, or Takbir / Days of Eid. The songs nuanced religion that continues into albums later, the Colours of Islam (1997), Road to Madinah (1998), Sunshine, Dust and The Messenger (2002), The Prophet’s Hands (2003), A Different Drum (featuring The Fletcher Valve Drummers) (2004), Vacuous Waxing (featuring Bill Kocher) (2005), The Poets And The Prophet (2006), Out Seeing The Fields (featuring Idris Phillips) (2007).

Albums that, for David was the result of one way to interpret the Koran. ”For me it is important to be honest to yourself to my opinion about music and its usefulness”said Dawood. In music, he’s a lot of contact with other musicians such converts, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) and Idris Philip (Philip Bubel).

Although the means to interpret the Koran through music was opposed by some quarters. But he felt that the bulk of adherents of Islam does not object to the way it is. ”For me it’s important to be a variety of values ​​through music and song,”said Dawud.

The music lovers in Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, Australia, France, the United States, and Britain really liked the development works. Besides busy with projects his personal album, in 1998, David also joined the multimedia company based in Chicago, United States, Sound

In that place, David worked as an education consultant, directional audio, and become a production assistant for more than 15 in dokumentar and television programs for children. Currently David is working on two album projects that will emerge in the years 2011 and 2012.

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