Muallaf Osman Andrew Young: So Artists Calligraphy

13 Jan

Adventurous spirit brought Osman Andrew Young traveled to explore exotic places around the world, met with a variety of people including those who according to Osman as the “best people”.

For Osman, Islam is not a stranger because he had studied the history of Arabic at the University of St. Andrew, Scotland. His trip to various places in the world, not only introduce further in Islam but also introducing the art of calligraphy which he elaborated until now.

At the age of 18 years, Osman had to travel overland along the North Africa. He visited Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. Without the provision of good Arabic, without the provision of money and not knowing what to do, Osman has always met with the people who helped him, and touched by their kindness in his heart, so sometimes he stayed for days at a place.

“One time, in a village in the interior, several small children who for days my attention, emerged from a house and brought food,” said Osman.

Experience suggests that he personally experienced during travel to Muslim countries in North Africa, is the first contact with the Muslim community.

Osman is very interested in the ancient writings that he met in every way, from the ancient Greek letters, letters hieroglyphic Egyptian and Arabic forms of the letters which he had seen during his adventures in North Africa. His curiosity was so great to be able to understand the foreign letters, especially letters of the Arabic alphabet.

“Although I am not too familiar with the Arabic letters, I still remember the letters that had studied the history of Arabic. Therefore, when I studied classical Arabic, I could easily memorize Surat Yusuf. I do not understand its meaning, but I am very interested in the beauty of the sound of words the letters of the Koran, “said Osman.

Finished college, Osman had moved and lived in London, but only six months. He feels isolated physically and emotional, his soul is not connected with life in the city. He then read the ad about the opportunity to work in Egypt. Osman took the chance. He headed off to the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

On the way to Cairo, OSMA had stopped briefly in Sudan. Already she saw as a country that most of its territory is desert, but there he met with people whose attitude is warm and friendly.

“All the people are Muslim. They pray and behave well. They are simple people, and wear traditional Muslim dress,” said Osman who is often invited to eat into the house residents. Muslim communities in Sudan friendliness make him feel at home as at home. He compared life in Europe which he said masyarat individually and sometimes rigid.

“In Sudan, the behavior of people who either creates openness that can accept you, no threat. You will feel safe there,” said Osman.

In 1984, Osman during the five-day trip to the mountains of Jabal Mara in Darfur. He climbed mountains, and visited the villages that were located up to many hours on foot from one village to another. Osman witnessed the extraordinary beauty of his way to Jabal Mara.

“Not just the beauty of the landscape, but here, in the middle of a very remote area, you could see a farmer who prayed alone. The sight made my heart was touched, this person does not show off in worship. Darfur is an amazing place and very interesting,” he said.

He also witnessed other visitors whose numbers approximately 50 people, always perform prayers together. At night, when Osman sleeping in his sleeping bag, he heard the faint of people read the prayer.

However, an unforgettable experience when he did climb into the mountains of Jabal Mara, when she met someone who knew when he ate at a small shop. The stranger then took Osman to a small cottage. He gave his place to sleep for Osman, while the stranger sleeping on the floor instead. In the morning, on awakening, Osman saw the stranger was praying with khusyuknya.

After a stopover in already, Osman arrived in Cairo, Egypt. In the State of this pyramid, Osman met with the community of converts who advised him to take part in the event of Al-Quran reading and recitation. Initially, Osman did not pay much attention to that suggestion. New year later Osman follow that advice.

During the previous year, Osman as drawn from life and the world because I was busy thinking and writing. Osman train his flexibility by doing yoga, meditation and spending time with membaca.Tapi sometimes he still feels his soul is empty. Osman then discussing with a friend over the phone, which again suggests Osman to join the show read the Quran and remembrance, and Osman finally agreed.

“The timing is right for me. I see people come together, to run over and sit on the road. With a little nervous, Osman met with two big men dressed in shalwar khamis (suit trousers and long shirt typical of Muslims) and turban in his head. The two men were warmly welcomed Osman.

Osman still remember the first time he attended the event which suggested his friend, he joined the prayer, and afterwards, Osman so enjoyed reading the Quran and remembrance. “I feel like to hear something so familiar to my ears. The voices seemed to chime in and bring a very strong impact for me,” he added.

“It’s hard to explain, very beautiful and amazing. Even in the part they dwell for a moment, I seemed to see the light that encourages feelings of my spirituality. I feel like coming back to the show,” Osman continued.

He completely re-assembly and diligently follow the Quran and remembrance, until really felt he had found Islam and decided to become a Muslim. While following the assembly, Osman also studied calligraphy. He was very eager to learn calligraphy. “This is a wonderful way to express thoughts, ideas and feelings,” he said.

Calligraphy eventually become part of Osman’s life now. “My heart was adrift since it first came to the assembly that the Quran. At the same time I discovered Islam, I found my identity, and the ability of the continued rise in beautiful calligraphy,” said Osman. (Ln / IG)


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