Christina Morra: I say the Creed in the plane (1)

13 Jan

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, My name is Christina Morra and was born into a Christian family. I have three brothers and three sisters. We stopped going to church when I was six years old. We believe that it is better to read the Gospel at home because we can not find the church with doctrine can we obey, so we better stay home. I am convinced that the religious attitude of the family that caused me to embrace Islam. I also believe that the journey to Islam began when I was newborn. One case that I learned in Islam is the concept of nature. This means that every child born in a state of purity, free from any sin. Therefore, we can call a child or baby as a Muslim.

Only a mother who taught her bapaknyalah to be a Jew or a Christian. I was so interested in this Islamic belief because I agree wholeheartedly. The fact that Muslims are trying to come back in a state of purity and become the best person can be right in my view.

I got to know Islam from some of my Muslim colleagues on the internet. Not all of my Muslim friends, but Thank God I’ve got some good Muslim friends. Previously I did not know anything. Only, I am reminded of a Muslim who worked with my father. At that time I learned to say “hai”.
I was attracted to this person who looks gentle and peaceful, and dressed completely in white. Slowly a new me that greeted the children is a good deed.

I once wrote an article related to the inclination and my interest to learn about different cultures and humanity. When I learned in high school. The article got the attention of our tutor. My English teacher also praised the article. When the time passed, my relationship with Muslims is also increasing. I became more interested in learning about Islam.

While in college, I took a religion course. Unfortunately, the material presented does not provide much information about Islam. I feel to be learned is Islam. Therefore, I took a course of classical Islam. I also learned the Persian language because it is so interest to learn the language. Cool with interest that I struggled to make me decide not to continue studying the field of architecture.

My good friend, Ehsan, one whom I knew through the internet, is a good friend to learn the Koran. I am asking a lot of issues relating Islam to him. He came from Iran to see me in America. We met in Texas. I also met with Iranian citizens crowded in there.


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