Muslim convert Joseph Burke (2): Muslim Advocate and Helping Each Other So Routine Eats

03 Jan

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, After embracing Islam, Joseph Burke admitted his family were so surprised. “But I think they can understand my decision,” he said. Joseph’s family has an open mind and they always respect all people, especially the monotheistic beliefs.

“I think they looked at me to worship based on the way I believe and they appreciate it,” he said. But Joseph also feels the need to explain to his family why he decided to embrace Islam. “Maybe that would get rid of skid also understanding that we have in the United States about Islam, and their exceptional very supportive.”

Now Joseph is not only a Muslim, he was active in Islamic activities and organizations. Today he became director of one branch of the Council on American-Israel Relations (CAIR) in the U.S.. “We, part of the advocacy group for American Muslims, are basically trying to try to remove some slippage understanding while helping Muslims in the case of freedom or civil rights,” said Joseph. “We’re trying to bring Muslims to sit down with U.S. society and introduce them to the wider community.”

When plunging preaching, he and his colleagues are always working mengkui carrying Islam to the American taste. The struggle for the rights and freedoms sipili Muslims is the main activity. “Every Muslim who was discriminated against because they are good Muslims in the workplace or government agency, we try memantu them. Now we are dealing with several such cases.”

Although he admits discrimination against minorities is often encountered, but one big thing that he acungi thumbs up life in America is the law on religious freedom and accommodation to worship according to his religion, especially in the workplace.

“But the problem, many workers did not know this and we make them understand what it’s like what forms of worship and accommodation of religion, such as praying or hijab or beard for men. We continue to socialize it to make sure they understand and they may ask for this right in workplace, “said Joseph.

In another sense, many Muslims are facing problems at work because the boss would not let them pray, scarf, or even grow a beard. “That’s what happened, such as wearing hijab in a work environment that has a uniform policy. But the law on our side and that’s what we try edukasikan,” said Joseph.


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