Leslie Carter: That Day to the Islamic Center, the Day That Pula He Bersyahadat

10 Sep

Since his teens, Leslie Carter have saved a lot of questions about Christianity that was followed, especially the “tradition” of confession. He felt uncomfortable when having to go into a small room and told him about his sins to a priest, then the pastor says so and so, then he simply forgive sin.

“I think, for my sins my own business should be with the Lord” Carter said.

Irish women were new to Islam approximately three years ago, due to marry a Muslim man. Initially, Carter and her husband only knew each other and never talk about their respective religions. Muslim man – now her husband – it goes to the mosque, Carter remained to the church.

“He celebrated the Eid al-Fitr, I celebrate Christmas. Anyway, there is no talk about religion,” Carter said.

Carter claimed to start asking questions about Islam, when he slowly began to move away from Christianity. Carter started reading books on women’s rights in Islam, how Islamic view of Jesus and of the books that Carter felt his questions in the adolescence of Christian doctrine, answered by the religion of Islam.

Yet Carter says he never planned to convert to Islam. Everything just happens, spontaneously. That day, Carter never thought would become a Muslim. On the day Carter converted to Islam, the man who became her husband are now going to the Islamic Center for praying. Carter, who had planned to a market, eventually joined him and find a female friend who worked at the Islamic Center.

“I really had no plans to become a Muslim that day. I always say, maybe I’ll Enter Islam ten years later or whatever. But when I was there (Islamic Center) and heard the chanting call to prayer, I began to cry. As there is a light or something in my heart. And I know, I could not leave the mosque without declaring my faith, “said Carter revealed his story while converted to Islam.

That same day, Carter said two sentences creed and officially became a Muslim. Asked about the comparison of Christianity and Islam, Carter acknowledged that many of the teachings of both religions are similar. The big difference, according to Carter, the concept of the Trinity and the recognition of sin in Christianity.

As an Irishman, Carter tried to distinguish between nationality with religious backgrounds who embrace Islam. “I always consider myself as a genuine Irish people, but who embraced Islam. Between nationality and religious background can not be united, because I see a nation that incorporate diverse elements into a religious culture,” explains Carter.

After becoming Muslim, Carter pleaded not always wear the hijab, but she was always open and avoid tight clothing. Now he works in the department of women at the Islamic Cultural Center in Ireland, which was built and funded by the Foundation for Al-Maktoum of Dubai.

Carter pernyah not think, eventually he will become a Muslim. Since adolescence, she often heard the sayings of the racial nuances of the Muslim community. Now he understood, that those who criticize Islam because kuran education, lack of morality and lack of respect for other community groups.

Now, Carter said, many people who come to the Islamic Center where she worked, only to ask for Al-Quran. “Al-Quran to clarify what they do not know all this,” Carter said.

Post-11 September 2001 attacks in the U.S., in Ireland, had appeared a wave of suspicion and hatred against Muslims. “But many people who finally turned to Islam, they converted to Islam. Those who have not converted to Islam to see so many people who converted to Islam and think, ‘There must be something wonderful, so many people who move religion (Islam),” said Carter. Ireland is not a country as large, but in that country there are 23,000 people registered who converted to Islam.

At home, Carter tried to instill in her daughter’s islamic lifestyle from an early age. Now, her daughter who was five years old, while watching TV and see women dressed in slightly open, he immediately shouted “Haram, replace a television channel that!”.

Carter’s little girl also does not like wearing clothes that are above knee length. He prefers to wear a long dress that covers her legs. “That’s him, and the way he has chosen,” Carter said about his daughter. (Kw / oi)

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