Total Receiving Mr.Richard Beuchamp Islam

02 Agu

Richard Beauchamp was sitting in the parking lot of Muslims out Sign memandng. He never once entered the mosque and he was nervous

Once gathered the courage to enter, he was greeted warmly. The man claims raised in the Baptist tradition, but he was very interested in Islam.

“They are extraordinarily good,” said Beauchamp, 36, a resident of Irving origin. “It’s easy to come back to it,” he said.

On the next visit to coincide with the implementation of the Friday prayer. Beuchamp no idea how Muslims worship. He also just sit and watch. Almost all the men standing on the floor. “The chair is used only for parents who could not stand.” he said. “I was lost in prayer so that almost no attention around.”

What makes him attracted to Islam. Apparently when a young age, already disillusioned with Christian Beuchamp. He does not understand how Christians believe in one God and the Trinity as well as simultaneously.

Islam is a way to search alone, something that is common in Americans are turning to the Muslims. He found Islam through books even before the meeting and establish a relationship with a Muslim.

In regular visits to the mosque for a year, he believes has found a spiritual home in Islam. However Beuchamp realize a Muslim means the total lifestyle change.

“I then had a lifestyle like other Americans in their 20s,” he said. “I went out to nightclubs, drink and mingle freely with the women. As a Muslim I am now no longer able to travel freely and casually hang out with her friends. I certainly could not drink anymore.”

When the switch, he found his response was much harder than the response to his parents. “My life style changed a lot and it is difficult for my friend to accept,” he said. “But when I read the other Muslim friends, it is increasingly difficult to look backward,” he said.

No doubt by Beuchamp, while growing up he had a dark view of Muslims. That was slightly inhibited transition. The stories about the Iranian revolution, violence and arrest American citizens as hostages, sometimes killed in the Middle East makes it suspicious.

“It really struggle to overcome the prejudice that I have had” he said. But the first experience of visiting the mosque immediately break all had a negative view. “Say watched people who are so faithful, sincere and loving.” he said.

In 2006, Beucham went to Indonesia to marry a woman. He knew him through a dating site on the Internet. “He was a good woman and obedient,” he said.

He corresponded with her via the internet for six months and then flew to Indonesia to meet with him and his family. He was in Indonesia when the Sept. 11 attacks on the twin towers and the Pentagon occurred.

“Many Americans have a view of instantaneous distortion of Islam.” he said. “That really hurt me because Islam has brought a sense of peace and purpose in life before I never have,”

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