JR Farrell Very First Hate Muslims, Islam is now Her life

22 Jul
Dulu JR Farrel Sangat Benci Muslim, Kini Islam adalah Hidupnya

JR. Farrell

JR Farrell still remember very well his childhood, how his parents fight over money, living situation and other matters. Not also gone from his memory when he had to live in social houses on the south side of Chicago, almost without anything to eat.

“With the 10-member family, it is difficult for my father to sustain life in accordance with the most desired way, ‘he said.

Difficult youth

Farrell’s father – a bloody mixture of German and Irish – is a hard worker but also a drunkard. Although often beat his mother, arrell admits she still loves her father.

Every time she came in drunk and upset over something he would come to Farrell and sister-adinya and inflicting a blow to all through nothing could be done. Farrell often can not walk or breathe because of earlier abuse. So even if the elder brother babbling and annoyed he will receive a physical attack. “That’s most of my childhood.” Farrell recalls

Sign In adolescence, all that is around Farrell started flirting, women friends, drinks, night clubs, drugs and others. “But somehow I can not, I forbid myself to get involved in any earlier. I just felt it was not true.”

One brother turned out to be the biggest drug dealer in Chicago. Almost every day he brings the type of drugs into the house to be sold retail in the neighborhood. The sister knew all the views Farrell.

Once her sister was at home, Farrell rid of all drugs worth 1000 dollars to the toilet and flushed. When I got home and knew it, his brother, says Farrell, is eager to kill him. “He’ll probably kill me if you have a chance. Naturally I defended my parents because I was older and should be taught to be better.

Knowledge Search

All events in childhood through adolescence makes Farrell realize how fragile life. “I do not want to die as an idiot, so I started to learn anything and everything.” Farrell said.

“One thing you should know about my family, they are very competitive against one another. Once they see one of the more advanced then they want to stop you from track and makes you unable to move forward,” he said.

Knowing enthusiastic Farrell, his parents worried. They mengkhawtirkan he will be brain washed cult or follow the flow or someone. They were right. In 1994, Farrell became Nazis. He claimed at the time liked the fact that Hitler had control of thousands of people. “Being a Nazi, it makes me feel important, to be someone.” For this one, her father did not oppose, it is pleased with the whole idea Farrell.

There is a reason why my father liked the idea of ​​Nazi Farrell. A little back in the 1960s, when Martin Luther King Jr.. began to burn the spirit of people with ‘dream’, Farrell’s father menrencanakan remove all blacks from the agricultural area of ​​Chicago.

One fact, when Martin Luther King Jr. shared his supporters took to the streets on the west side of Chicago, his father has been organizing the masses. The gang did not just make the blacks out of town, but also sparked a war between whites and blacks. That day also, Farrell’s father Martin Luther King’s nose hit the bricks, and until now, Farrell said, he was always bragging about it.

Shortly after, in 1997, his family and Charles Mason began again on a secret mission. Farrell arriving there when they organized the attack on the black kid was 11 years old who accidentally walked in a white neighborhood of Chicago. They, Farrell said, could kill the child after molesting an all-out, but chose to leave it to bleed as a warning sign. After watching it, Farrell felt the idea of ​​the Nazis and all the smell of race no longer suits him.

Turning Point

In 1995, Farrell met with the first woman to make him fall in love. Although he has a chance to do anything with the girl, he was again banned him. “I can not, I do not allow myself to have an intimate relationship with someone that I did not marry.” he said.

A few months after that he proposed to his girlfriend. They became engaged without even having sex, something unusual in the west. “We both understood that there would be trouble if we did it,” said Farrell.

With his girlfriend when he began to focus more. Farrell continued to study and learn. “At that time I felt there sesuati missing and started to realize my life and purpose of life, it’s just that I can not designate certain,” said Farrell.

The more he read, the greater the effort the parents to pull back, as he tell a family about competitive. Farrell’s parents started doing a mental attack. “They told me how bad I was a kid and how I did not thank the children for food and shelter they provide for me,” said Farrell.


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