Abdullah Rolle: British musician Long Journey Towards the Light of Islam

16 Jul

Born in England, since childhood he has been involved in music production, could play several musical instruments and singing actively. Until he turned into songs nasheed nasyid and launched his first CD titled “Peace” in Conference on “Global Peace and Unity” in London in 2008.

He is Abdullah Rolle. He converted to Islam seven years ago. Journey to Islam go hand in hand with a growing career as an artist nasyid songs. This is the story of Rolle’s journey to find the light of Islam and becoming a Muslim today;

One morning, Rolle was walking in the market. Suddenly, a Muslim came to him and asked if he could talk to Rolle moment. Muslim men were asked whether Rolle know about Islam and Prophet Muhammad, and Rolle said that he knows that God is the creator of all things but he has been taught about Jesus, not about the Prophet Muhammad. Rolle tried to change the subject.

“I have never been serious about religious matters. A few years later, I chatted with a Muslim about God Almighty, but still not ready to consider anything about Islam or being a Muslim,” said Rolle.

“I’ve never met anyone like that. The people I meet are those involved in the music business and they have their own lifestyle. So, at that time, I do not see an opportunity to be attracted to Islam. But apparently, the time course which has not yet come, “continued Rolle recalls his experience meeting with Muslims.

Shop Books and DVDs Changing Her life

When I moved to East London, Rolle’s frequent visits to the bookstore in the area of ​​Dar Assalam West End. Rolle happy to follow the development of the world, reading about things that are nuanced conspiracy and events in the world.

“Some things I read, there are right and some do not. But that does not also bring me closer to the Creator. My soul is always seeking and searching, although I did not realize that a hundred percent,” he said.

Employees at the bookstore always provide a booklet on Rolle. He took it and just keep it in the closet. He had felt sympathy for the Muslims when the U.S. invaded Iraq and Rolle read all the booklets are kept. Rolle asked himself, why the world is always attacking Islam and Muslims. Rolle witnessed how the media depict Muslims as terrorists. Rolle knows that the media is not necessarily true and does not always convey the truth. Rolle wants to know why there are those who attack Muslims. In seeking answers to his confusion, Rolle came into the room, kneeled down and prayed.

One day, in front of the bookstore commonly visited Dar Assalam, Rolle said his son, “I need something to feed my soul. The books that others do not give any effect for me.” Rolle boy then pointed to a DVD titled “What Is The Purpose of Life?” by Khaled Yasin. Rolle buy the DVD. At home, after watching the DVD he had bought, Rolle felt very inspired.

“All the things described in the DVD, I felt already know everything. I know what it says in it is the truth,” recalled Rolle.

From DVD’s, Rolle knew that Muslims prayed five times a day. Since then Rolle still dabbling in music common pathway, Rolle felt he could not perform salat as described in the DVD, but his heart’s deepest prayers confess the truth will command it.

Time was passing. Rolle so often met with the Muslim community and he felt how his Muslim friends are very attention to it. “I spent time with them for two years. They teach, straightening and remind me. Most of them were employees at the bookstore. Since then I became familiar with them,” said Rolle.

He was impressed with the behavior of his new friends. “I always see that most Muslims attitude courteous, kind and helpful. They themselves face many problems in various parts of the world’s people, but as a person, the Muslim people I have met has always been friendly to me. I want to try to be obedient, and I kept trying. I want to be like them, “Rolle’s comments about Muslims.

At that time, Rolle is convinced of Islam, have a considerable base of knowledge about Islam and are continuing to learn about Islam. Muslim friends told me that Rolle should declare two sentences creed if you want to become a Muslim. Muslim friends Rolle also reminded that death is always lurking every human being, let alone waiting for if it does not immediately become a Muslim. But, again Rolle felt himself not yet ready to become a Muslim.

In the midst of vacillation, Rolle watched a DVD titled “One of Islam” by Sheikh Fiez in Australia. From DVD’s, Rolle learned about the Day of Judgement in Islam. Fear of the Lord suddenly bothering him, if he could convert to Islam before the Last Day, then Rolle will do it.

The next day, he contacted the Muslim friends, and said that he was ready to become a Muslim. His friends welcomed the decision Rolle and prepare the show on weekends.

After officially becoming a Muslim. Rolle sometimes feel envious of the Muslim clerics. He hoped to have converted to Islam when he was much younger. But Allah knows is good for His servants.

“My friends helped me slowly. In the beginning I embraced Islam, they do not say that music is haram. If they say at that moment, I probably would not be a Muslim, because he was working on several music projects. They assured me , that while I may still continue to make music, as long as I have no intention at any time I would get out of the music world, “said Rolle.

Rolle remember, the biggest challenge for him after converting to Islam is to learn Arabic and learn reading prayers and the prayers in Arabic. He was returning to school. But Rolle happy because he finally managed to memorize the Koran a few letters and could read it. “So that I can pray. I really want something I can do more than anything,” Rolle said of learning the practice of praying and reading the Quran as well as from various DVDs.

Become Nasyid Artis International

When newly converted to Islam, Rolle is still working as a music teacher for children in some schools and wrote several songs for children who run away from home and placed in learning centers in the city where he lived. He knew so many sad stories of children, and wanted to help them. Rolle is also active in the community center and do business by offering services of teaching music in young children.

Eventually there berpikiri Rolle blessings of Allah with what he did. “If I had to stand before God, what would I say about myself and my activities to teach music? I finally decided to stop my activities; in schools, community centers and other activities related to music. Most people respect my decision , some are saying that my action was wrong, “the story of Rolle.

At that time, Rolle did not think to switch to music nasyid, although he had his own recording studio. Rolle then talk with a Muslim whose father was a cleric in Saudi Arabia and the owner of the Tawhid Mosque in London. Rolle asked his Muslim friend’s advice and finally started to build his career in music nasyid.

Now, in addition to active in various activities with the Muslim community in Britain, focusing Rolle’s career as an international nasheed artist, and launched a CD of songs nasyidnya titled “Peace” in South Africa in 2009. (Kw / oi)

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