I’sha, The Woman Who So the new convert Punk

30 Jun

I'sha, Si Wanita Punk Yang Jadi Mualaf

Keluarga I’sha keberatan jika I’sha memeluk Islam dan mengenakan niqab.
LONDON – Over the past few months, Lucy Osborne had interviewed women in Britain who had converted to Islam. This paper is written Lucy Osborne sent to The Times about the increasing number of British women who convert to Islam. But, why are they still regarded with suspicion.

The number of converts in England has doubled in 10 years and nearly two-thirds were women. Lucy Osborne, who works as a freelance journalist (freelance) and author of ficer, investigate why this happens.

I’sha is one of the women converts who were interviewed by Lucy Osborne. I’sha family did not approve the choice I’sha to become a Muslim. The family did not agree because I’sha in their everyday wear niqab that shows only her eyes.

“When I first told my parents that I became a Muslim, they do not want anyone to know. Whether it’s family or neighbors,”said I’sha (40) who converted to Islam four years ago.”They can not understand I am. ”

Environment is now opposed I’sha who have decided to convert to Islam. ”The people where I grew up is now turned against me. They do not want their children along with my kids. They judge me crazy.”

Like many families in Britain, religion does not exist in everyday life I’sha family. If I’sha home from school and talk about God, the father always would say,”Now, there is only one God here and it’s me.”

Find the Way Home
I’sha, a supporter of women workers in the East London Mosque, originally from Newcastle. He was one of 100,000 Britons who currently had converted to Islam. Faith Matters According to a study by Kevin Brice of the University of Swansea, as many as 5200 Britons last year had become converts.

I’sha unusual experience. The majority of the British public still view Islam, which is the second largest religion in Britain, as a belief that is strange and foreign. But, unlike most people I’sha Britain who think negatively about Islam.

“I just feel like I found the way home,” he said. “Through Islam, I have found answers to every question I had been had. I have found true peace.”

I’sha used to be a punk. She wears clothes that cut spelled ’embarrassing’. I’sha certainly Mohican-style hair cut like a hedgehog. Her sister was openly proclaimed himself as a lesbian.

When told his family, friends and colleagues that he had converted to Islam, I’sha said he remained unchanged. “I’m trying to convince them that I was still a long tongue of the north as it once was. But, being a Muslim was not seen as something ‘cool’.”

”When people see you are white and British, then they will actually behave rudely to you. Because, they think that you have returned to their way of life and become part of them,”added I’sha.


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