Stuart Mee: Something Missing from My Before Berislam

27 Jun

Stuart Mee: Ada yang Hilang dari Saya Sebelum Berislam

Stuart Mee

LONDON – One more Britons to Islam. He is Stuart Mee, a civil servant. “I feel there is something missing in life that can not be replaced by any property,” he said.

The 46-year-old man from West Reading this religion began to search three years ago. Different religions that exist in the vicinity studied. However, his heart and then tied to Islam. “Deep in my heart, I always believed in being larger, and Islam introduced the concept of God,” he said.

He diligently visited the public library to read Islamic books, and know Islam from various sources. Occasionally, he came to the mosque in Central London just to listen to religious lectures. “At that point, I am more convinced Islam I was looking for,” said Mee.

However, for one reason or another, he hid his desire to berislam. Until then, he could not hold back anymore. “I find ‘something missing from my life’ – I know this sentence is a cliche and outdated, but it’s true – and I decided to immediately bersyahadat,” he said.

One of the considerations before berislam is: he needs to prepare himself out of the “comfort zone” that had been embraced him, and went into “areas that have not been tested.” “Yes, I have the uncertainty: What kind of Muslim? Are they as portrayed in the news? What about women in Islam? How do people around me I’ll discuss after a convert?”

However, he admitted, “There are things I find unusual but is comparable to the beautiful aspects of Islamic life.”

He was later sent an email to a priest, expressed his desire to convert to Islam. Not unexpectedly, the email reciprocated in the same day. in fact, they had time to chat 15 minutes in advance to ask her steadiness.

He called, berislam create a “short-term improvement” in his life. “I stopped being an addict, not consumptive, and life
more organized, “he said.

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