Goodness impressed Mohammad Sohail Muslim AS, Marauder knees

27 Jun

NEW YORK (AP) – A shopkeeper who is also a Muslim, was hailed by the local community as a loving attitude and courtesy he showed. The shopkeeper was his name into the headlines in various media after an unexpected meeting with a robber armed with a baseball bat, but eventually there was no violence, just the robber was impressed with the attitude of “victim” is full of forgiveness so that the robber until the catapult his desire to become a Muslim as well as the shopkeeper.

“He said, I want to be a Muslim to be like you,” said Mohammad Sohail, owner of Shirley’s Express convenience stores in Long Island City, New York, as he recounted the words of the bandits to him.

Sohail, 47, when it was preparing to close his shop right in the middle of the night when suddenly – as seen in the surveillance cameras – a man who approached him with carrying a baseball bat and asks Sohail to hand over some money.

Would not submit to a criminal street, Sohail immediately grabbed a rifle shotgun which was placed under the cash register drawer, felt lost in terms of weapons, these masked men immediately lose your nerve, once he dropped the bat to the ground and knelt for mercy with tears heavy pouring from his eyelids. The robber said he was forced to rob to satisfy the needs of families who were starving.

“Please do not call the police, I do not have money, I do not have food in my house,” said Sohail mimicking the words of the robber.

“He cried like a little baby,” added Sohail.

Unlike most white U.S. citizens who immediately called the police if it is in the same situation, the owner of the store to open his wallet and handed the cash as much as $ 40 following a pack of bread, but with one condition, he must completely stop the robbery.

“When you receive the money $ 40, the robber seemed very impressed.”

Who surprised the robbers then told the prospective victim that he wanted to become a Muslim, just as the shopkeeper.

Sohail said he then asked the robber to utter two sentences creed and the two then shook hands.

After giving money and food to the stranger, Sohail good reason not stop there.

He went to the back of the store to get milk to give to the robber, but when Sohail back to the front, the robber had already left the store.

Sohail said that the police may still search for the robber, but he did not intend to indict.

“The man … you know … all those undergoing difficult times right now,” Sohail said.

Sohail, who moved to the U.S. from his native Pakistan since 20 rahun ago, said he knows how it feels when you’re short of money, therefore it makes sense ibanya appear and sympathy for the masked man who was about to rob his store.

“Nowadays everyone is having a difficult time.”

U.S. citizens who hear the good stories Sohail was surprised when mengetahuiya from the local media.

However, for people who know Sohail well, loving attitude of a Muslim shopkeeper is totally not surprising.

“Even when I’m do not have money to buy a pack of cigarettes, he would say please, take it,” said Prudence Ferrante, who worked at a carpet store next to the store Sohail, the daily Newsday, who first managed to get a videotape of the incident them.

The customers Sohail, who prefers to call Sohail Mo familiar with the nickname, saying that they really knew him as a man respected in his area and always show a friendly attitude.

When news of what happened between Sohail and potential robbers are spread by word of mouth, the consumer, who came into the store to ask the owner if the news they hear in the media actually occurred, further adds to the long list of admirers of the man’s full love it.

“I do not see any harm in him,” said Sean Henry, a customer of the Muslim shops.

“There are people who have feelings, but some are not,” said Ferrante. “But I know for sure that he (Sohail) have feelings.” (Dn / IOL)

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