Annaba Center, Islamic School of Islamic Comprehen The new convert

27 Jun

JAKARTA – Since its founding in 2007, boarding Coaching Annaba new convert ‘Islamize Center has more than eleven converts. Of the eleven converts pledged creed two sentences, two of which are foreigners is that the U.S. and Poland. Total does not include 25 students who lodgings.

“Thank God, we not only converts mondok Islamize students but also the general public who had come to utter two sentences creed,” said nanny Annaba new convert Boarding School Trustees’ Center, Syamsul Arifin Nababan to Wednesday (29 / 3 ).

Nababan said most of those who decided to convert to Islam come from various backgrounds and economic levels. Generally, said Nababan, they know Islam from reading, marriage and relationships. Before deciding to convert to Islam, they came back and forth to the cottage to discussing Islam.

“They decided to circumcise myself at this cottage because of the news from mouth to mouth. The same is true of converts who came dar U.S. and Poland. They both know, I’ve spoken there, so decided to say the creed of this cottage,” he said .

Nababan also said it does open the door wide open for anyone who wishes to know Islam. Because of this care is not limited to cottage to provide knowledge to students who mondok but also provided a space for people to learn about Islam and Arabic.

So no wonder, he said, although the cabin is not widely known, thanks to word of mouth communication, many people who come to visit. Some of them were prospective converts who then say two sentences creed.

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