Aa Gym: I’m Thankful, God Help The World I Know Trickery

27 Jun
Who does not know Aa? The name of this famous preacher was sticking out of the 2000s but seemed to disappear from circulation. But who presume, there is wisdom behind it all taken Aa Gym.

Wisdom that is how he felt closer to God through the “touch” God gave to him. Aa aware, the world has claimed the comfort of her heart, yes the world that it never raised his name.

“People say I’m sunk, I felt even before I collapsed, and only now I find the right path,” he said with reverence.

“If someone strong and survive, surely it’s strength comes from God,” he added.

To learn more activity at this time Aa Gym and his story found a new way of looking at life perpsektif, journalists, Saad and Muhammad Saefullah Pizaro, a chance to interview the head of Ponpes Darut Tawhid (DT) is the route to the Serpong.

Here are excerpts of our interview. Happy reading.

What distinguishes a Gymnatsiar Abdullah formerly with the now?

I am very grateful to Allaah to help me know the trick of the flesh, as long as I do not feel cheated. That preaching is not just simply talk a good and known to many people, but more important than it really could be preaching to account for the attitude, verbal, and heart before God. This is what’s it like to open in recent years.

Broadly speaking, Darut Tawhid experiencing shock. Actually, how big the shock is perceived Aa?

Actually this is not a shock, but this is a touch of love of God to realize that mistakes during this orientation measure success in the world that is not true. That success is if we can get to know God, be sure to clean monotheistic God and us.

Well, first as though still lulled many people, bustle, and the abundance of the world as a means of measuring success. But apparently not if you do not have the heart to be clean from idolatry to the earthly no nothing all that.

Once it is undeniable that Aa is the central figure in the DT. DT can not be separated from the name of the Aa. What about now?

People used to come to DT if more want to see Aa, so willing to queue photographed. Now it is not so, the congregation that came far more than the first, but came to DT prefer to learn the science of monotheism.

Pesantren is now also much more comfortable than ever, because the first orientation of the world make a lot of clutter in it. Although the first from the outside looks good, but far in it should be because the love of the world tend gontok-gontokkan.

Now since God willing, seek Allah (thus) very comfortable. I am Allah Subhan Allah is Hearer, the heart of this remarkable comfort even in the present circumstances. The company is now also growing well. They fear that can order a lot, so much fear (because) this test is more severe.

Afraid of what it used to forget to God. So incredible, incredible blessing of God touch this. People say I’m sinking, I actually felt I was sinking, and only now I find the right path.

What could finally make the Aa and DT survive?

Kan Darut monotheism that existed before I existed, it was written in lawhul Mahfouz. Just me and my friends so walk the realization of God’s plan. Maybe at the beginning of his heart was still straight, but when God tested by worldly started off the mark. And now back to studying God, yes it is also God, too, comes from God’s grace. If someone strong and survive, surely it’s strength comes from God.

If you look at the lectures Aa now more closer to unity, if the first tends to pop. Responses Aa how?

Yeah right, that was indeed the packaging such that the people happy, but hopefully now that God was pleased.

With a moment like this, then how Aa view past and present problems of the people? Is still the same?

Yeah so there’s a new perspective, if the first seems (problem) people because of various strategies and worldly. But if people now find the biggest problem today is monotheism. And excuse me, we fought a lot, but the big problem, even God was not known. God was new in oral, lest we deify the struggle, as if we are able to do much, but to God who controls the heavens and the earth is only sometime after. The danger if we do not know God.

As if only to learn Islam Islamic activists, but did not learn to get close to God?

Yes, we as activists are often very busy with his Islam, but not busy with his God. We learn of Islam but not necessarily serious study to get close to God. Because there are times when science we learn just for the sake of our worldly. Want a name, like size of the organization, instead there is more love than the love of God organization, loves his group than he loved God. We look for the proposition that sohih but sometimes we do not sohih morals. That’s what we have to tafakuri on ourselves.

Marifatullah So it’s very important for Islamic activists today?

Marifatullah or know God is the foundation, because how can the creed with the true God if we do not know. Although oral bersyahadat but we do not know God, certainly less energy to creed. There must be another god who later in his heart. Maybe menuhankan property, position, or deify himself. Want to be admired and so on.

How can pray if you do not know God khusyu while those who khusyu that’s when I knew God khusyu it will be easier because he felt cared for, heard and testified. So the foundation of everything is marifatullah.

Aa often talk about Tawhid, is actually what the Aa of Tawheed?

Yeah that tawhid laillaha ILALLAH. More and clean hearts of anyone besides Allah menuhankan tauhidnya better. He will be happier, more calm, more persistent in the struggle, the more istiqomah, ahklaknya increasingly turned for the better. Because it would be a good character compared with the level of confidence.

If you believe God hears, God willing, he woke up his words. Getting to know God knows the hearts, he did not dare bersuudzhan to believers. The more confident that shares God’s provision, the less afraid of life. Makin sure God knows all the secrets, he did not dare to engage in immoral acts in secret. Just believe in God, morality became increasingly better.

Our problem, the time to learn about this God seems to not be a priority. Yet the Qur’an itself, says Imam Ibn Taymiyyah, more calls about God than about anything. Verse of the most noble of Verse Kursi (talking) about God. The most important letter, letter of Al-Fatihah about God. A third of the Qur’an surah Al Ikhlas was also about God. But our time to learn about God is not comparable with our busyness.

So this is the problem, we are often not serious with the foundation that we build, the science of knowing God, of unsure to God, of obedience to God.

What message for the reader Eramuslim Aa?

Be serious in the deepest heart honestly wanted to love God, do not heralded. Then try desperately seek knowledge from those who believe in God. To be sure we catch to God, gathered to people who believe in Allah and bermujahadahlah to be confident and obedient to God.

God will arrange everything. God leads us is placed in the most fitting place in this struggle, but everything is set the omniscient God what is most appropriate for us all.

FII jaahadu Walladzina na lanahdiyannahum subulana. And those who earnestly in the way of Allah, surely God is showing its streets. Yes please thank you prayer. (Pz)


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