The bodies of the Martyrs Not Rotting

27 Jun


YOGYAKARTA – The bodies of the martyrs is not destroyed and remain intact, the themes discussed in the book review event under the title “The Miracle of Shaheed”, the magic of the bodies of the martyrs of the medical review. Taking place at the Masjid Al-Mujahidin, the complex Yogyakarta State University Campus on Thursday, June 2, 2011.

Hundreds of listeners from among men and women eager to follow the discussion of the theme that presents two speakers namely Fuad Alhadzimi cleric, a former Imam of Masjid Al Hijrah Tempe, Sydney, Australia and the Rev. Dr. Alam, the resident medical surgical Gajah Mada University (UGM).

The event started at eight o’clock in the morning with the first speaker Rev. Dr., analyzing how the bodies of the deceased to the process of decay. Described a body of people who die will begin the process of decomposition (decay) or degradation of the bodies due autolis process and activities of microorganisms. A maximum of five days the dead bodies would have decomposed, followed by other processes such as abdominal distention, scrotum (genitals) enlarged and others as described in the book are dissected.

The doctor on duty at the UGM is also little experience tells another doctor he knew when caring for a dead body. Told a doctor abroad to receive the bodies of the dead, then the doctor tried to examine, but he heard the faint sound azan, then the doctor takes his stethoscope and placed in the corpse’s chest, it appeared that call to prayer coming from the corpse. The doctor then called another nurse to help check, the other nurse was also heard the same thing. After the information search, the corpse was a man when life served as the muezzin, the man was never late and always be diligent in prayer to the mosque.

When told this, dr Revelation was stopped and the tears.

Doctors Revelation describes the process of decomposition the corpse through the work of microbes, a creature called microbial Dr. Rev. described as “God’s army” to degrade or decompose the bodies until destroyed.

“But strangely command to destroy the bodies of microbes is not applicable to the bodies of the prophets, martyrs and people who memorized the Koran,” said Dr. Revelation.

The event then continued in the second speaker session, Fuad ustadz Alhadzimi. Ustadz Fuad, a former Imam of the mosque was first Sidney Australia gives people who are martyred in the battlefield in sebauh short film. Shown footage commander Khottob (Chechnya), Sheikh Ahmad Yassin and Abdul Aziz Rantisi and Yahya Ayyash (Palestine), Sheikh Osama bin Laden, as well as some photos of other martyrs, including from Indonesia.

Ustadz Fuad began with an explanation of the virtue of martyrdom, jihad and other woods explanation that he ends up Dhuhr call to prayer rang out.
Additional information, The Miracle of the book written by Dr Shaheed. Abdul Hamid Al Qudhoh, he is an expert on the science of microbiology. []

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