You see Muslims in Germany Managing Mosque World’s First Environmentally Friendly

25 Jun

Begini Muslim Jerman Mengelola Masjid Ramah Lingkungan Pertama di Dunia

Masjid Norderstedt

BERLIN – Islam is a religion that glorifies the environment. Not just by speaking only in the pulpit, and Muslim clerics in the small town of Norderstedt, Germany, to translate in the real work: the mosque is environmentally friendly.

Electricity mosque, produced from renewable energy: wind-powered mini power plant. Minarets, but functioned as a ‘home’ speakers, also installed a windmill connected to the turbine generator underneath.

“We think about how we can incorporate important symbolic element of religious architecture and utilize the new functionality,” said Selcuk Unyilmaz architects, as published daily The National edition Thursday.

Norderstedt is a small town near Hamburg. Muslims in the city’s most beretnik Turkey. Some come from Asia and Africa.

The mosque has two minarets. That is, there will be two turbines installed. On top of two 22-meter-high towers, wind ‘captured’ by two large propellers. Turbine aims to generate 30 percent of the energy needs of the mosque.

“The function of the tower in the classic sense is receding in Europe because of the muezzin call to prayer is not menyuarak them through the speaker again,” said Unyilmaz.

Save funds, the tower used as a pole wheel. Today, pilgrims enjoy free electricity, because it does not need to pay a subscription fee.

“The environment is an important issue today, so this makes sense,” said Unyilmaz.

German Chancellor Angela Markel has announced plans to increase the share of renewable electricity generation to 80 percent by 2050, from 17 percent currently available. “Every German citizen has an obligation to protect the environment, and the success of this program” said Unyilmaz.

Germany has 4.3 million Muslims, about 5 percent of the total population numbered 82 million inhabitants.

There are about 200 mosques that are currently under construction or being planned in Jerman.Semua will be built with environmentally friendly concepts.

German Muslims now is collecting 2.5 million euros needed for the construction of mosques. “We have to cover all the donations,” said Ugur Sutcu, board member of the congregation. “If we managed to raise half, the bank will provide the remaining funding.”

Sutcu said that the new mosque is supported by the Muslim minority. “Everybody here is delighted with the design of environmentally friendly mosques,” he said.

Norderstedt mosques often viewed as evidence of successful integration of Muslims in Germany. “In the future everyone will grow together, and in 50 to 100 years we have become more united community,” said Unyilmaz, who has lived in Germany for 35 years.

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