Mrs. Huntley Kretabahan Chatherine origin Bournemouth, easy path to Heaven

24 Jun

Mrs. Huntley Kretabahan Chatherine origin Bournemouth, easy path to Heaven
“My parents always thought I was not normal, even before I became a Muslim,” said Huntley Chatherine begin his story became a Muslim.

Women from Bournemouth – a town on the coast south of England – is revealed, as a teenager he spent much time at home, watching television. Unlike other teens who enjoy the weekend with a gathering or traveling with their peers.

“What were you doing at home? What you do not have someone to walk?” Catherine says imitating their parents questions.

The real answer, Catherine said, he does not like hanging out with peers, because he does not like to drink alcoholic beverages, do not like smoking and do not like hanging out with male friends.

“I am including a religious person. So, when I began studying Islam in the first year of college, I feel fit. I spent every lunch time with my search for information about Islam through the Internet …”

“I felt a peace in my soul, and nothing else that makes me feel uneasy. This is a magical experience – I like finding my true self, but the identity that I find not the same as other people I know,” said Catherine who now works as an assistant in a grocery store.

He claimed to have never interacted with a Muslim in her life, so he does not have any prejudice about Islam and Muslims. His parents also include people who are open. However, when memdalami Islam, Catherine must menyembuntikan Islamic books he read, including the veil she used, he kept it carefully in a drawer closet to escape detection for her mother and father.

Was to be expected, when Catherine tells his desire to convert to Islam, his parents were surprised and angry. “We will discuss this when you’re 18 years old,” said Catherine imitate speech father-mother.

But Catherine’s interest in Islam is getting stronger. He started wearing clothes covered, such as Muslim clothing is recommended in Islam, although not yet with a scarf. Catherina secretly also fasting during Ramadan. Over time, he was not strong to live in two roles and at the age of 17, he sneaked out of the house.

“I took the veil in the bag and take a train to Bournemouth. I really look like a crazy person when wearing the hijab in the carriage, a closed trash can that I use as a mirror shine. Two elderly couples, looked at me with a cynical view, but I do not care. For the first time in my life, I feel like to be myself, “said Catherine.

He decided to say two sentences creed and became a Muslim. But he has not dared to tell his Islam on both parents. Until a week later, her mother entered the room and said. “Can you tell me?” while showing a certificate stating that Catherine has been officially converted to Islam.

“I could see the anger in the eyes of my mother. He could not understand why I gave up the freedom of myself just for the sake of a foreign religion. The question in my mother’s mind, perhaps, why I want-wants to join the terrorists and suicide bombers self? ” said Catherine.

Since her parents knew her daughter converted to Islam, Catherine’s life changed completely. “Being a Muslim in my parents ‘house, really heavy. I’ll never forget, one night, when my father-mother saw two Muslim women wearing a burka on the front page of a newspaper, they began to tease me by saying,’ Catherine will soon be this guy (wearing a burka), ‘”said Catherine tells the attitude of his parents.

Catherine’s parents were also not happy to see Catherine the five daily prayers. They call Catherine too obsessed. Catherine always deliberately pray in front of her door, so her mother could not enter as he prayed. But when Catherine prayers, his mother yelled from downstairs, “Catherine, do you want a glass of tea?” Catherine just to stop the prayers.

Catherine lapse of four years of a Muslim, his grandfather was saying that Muslim women have to walk three paces behind her husband. View make Catherine’s grandfather was furious, because of what his grandfather is not Islam but tradition prevailing in some Muslim societies. But the Catherine understand her grandfather’s misunderstanding about Islam.

Peak fury of his parents was when Catherine eventually married a descendant of Afghan Muslim man. Father-mother to assess her daughter Catherine is completely insane. But the Catherine continues to plan to marry in a mosque, though his parents did not attend.

“Sad indeed, to think that I will not experience a beautiful wedding like in the fairy tale, where the bride was surrounded by all his family members. But I hope, will give this marriage a happy life for me. I’ll build a home that I want , without having to feel hurt because the people who can only judge me, “said Catherine. (Kw / NMC)


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