Telling Satan Worshipping

22 Jun

By Prof. Dr KH Ali Mustafa Yaqub

Abu Huraira RA Companions of the Prophet SAW never diamanati to keep the grain of charity. Suddenly in the night, there was a man who stole the corn. He was then arrested by Abu Hurairah RA. “You’ll bring to the Prophet,” Abu Huraira said to the thief. However, the thief pleading. With coaxing rayunya, he said, was a week his wife and children have not eaten. Abu Hurairah finally let go of the thief, and asked him not to steal anymore.

The next day after the dawn prayer, before he could report, it was asked by Abu Huraira the Prophet SAW. “What do you do about people who you catch last night?” Abu Huraira then explain what happened. “Remember, tonight he will come again,” said the Prophet Muhammad. True, the second night the thief was coming again. And, after taking wheat, he was captured by Abu Huraira. He also pleaded again and Abu Huraira also can not stand so that the thief was released again.

The next day, the Prophet asked Abu Huraira, like yesterday. Abu Huraira also said like that. Prophet reminded again, the thief would come again tonight. In the liver, Abu Hurairah RA said, “Tonight, he will not I let go again.” Sure enough, the thief was coming for a third time and re-stealing wheat. Abu Hurairah return catch. “Now, no way I release you. You have me take it to the Prophet Muhammad.”

The thief was very clever. To Abu Hurairah, he said, “I am ready to be brought to the Prophet Muhammad, but may I speak, O Abu Hurayrah?” Abu Hurairah said, “Please, speak what?” The thief had said, “O Abu Huraira, do you want me give wiridan?” “Certainly not, wiridan is it?” Abu Hurairah replied curious. Indeed, the companions happy with wiridan and reading. The thief said, “Read verse seat before you sleep, Allah will keep you from the temptations of Satan.”

Hearing the words of the thief, Abu Hurairah was amazed, “Apparently these thieves a ust.” Finally, without further ado, let the thief Abu Huraira. The next day, the Prophet asked such questions yesterday. Abu Huraira replied, “Thieves wiridan last night it gave me. I was told to read the verse chair before bedtime. God willing, God will keep me from demonic interference,” replied Abu Hurayrah. The Prophet SAW said, “What did he say it is true, but he was lying.” “You know, O Abu Hurairah, who is the thief? He is the devil,” said the Prophet Muhammad.

The story is narrated by Imam Bukhari that provide lessons for us. First, the devil of the Jinn can be transformed into a kind human being. Second, can the devil tells them to worship, reading the Qur’an, prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, and so on. Abu Hurairah has been straightened out by the Prophet so that he did not read the paragraph following the command chair as the devil, but follow the commands of the Prophet SAW. Had someone run but he followed the orders of worship Satan and not God’s commandments, then he has to worship the devil. And Allaah knows best.

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2 responses to “Telling Satan Worshipping

  1. telson7

    17 Agustus 2011 at 12:25

    It is possible to find certain reasons why people are driven into Satan worshipping. However, the next reasons are perhaps the most common:

    Firstly, the effect of friends is certainly a common reason why people are driven into Satan worshipping. None of us wants to look like a sissy and probably everyone wants to be accepted, and therefore the effect of others on our life can be huge.

    Maybe the largest reason why people are driven into Satan worshipping is seeking for power. For if we feel insufficient and powerless, we may feel the temptation to seek for information and power from the dark side. We want to rule issues that are not in our control so that people would admire us. If we cannot experience this in normal life, we might easily turn to the imitations of Satan.
    In fact, this seeking for power is quite a similar dependence as some people have on alcohol and drugs that are used just so that people would notice how these people are harder and stronger, and they would get rid of their feelings of inadequacy.

    Music (and of course literature that is not discussed here) is one huge gate to Satan worshipping. Many have said that they have been driven into worshipping Satan by black metal music; in other words music, in which occult subjects, admiration of Satan and death, self-destruction and evilness are openly pointed out.
    Music is significant because we listen to it much: it certainly has an effect on our subconscious and attitudes in the same way as the TV and magazines. Many bands are owned by Satanists, and if we listen to their music, we may begin to accept issues that we might have deemed wrong before. We will start to transform into what we are looking and listening.

    Worshipping Satan and occultism in general is an enslaving yoke. Practicing of it always leads to demonic bounds and restlessness – such one did not expect to experience in his former, “normal” life and which did not bother him then. In addition, the most serious feature of practicing occultism is that it closes the doors of Heaven from us. We can see from the Bible how the magicians, witches, murderers, and others living in sin will not inherit the kingdom of God.

    Whole article in here:


    • azzamudin

      8 Oktober 2011 at 07:56

      Thank you very much


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