Mrs.Angela Collins of United States Catholics, Bersyahadat Several Weeks After Tragedy of Black September

22 Jun

Angela Collins, American women are raised in a family that embraced the Catholic religion of hereditary family. But since the age of 14, he rejected the concept of the trinity, a key concept in Catholic doctrine according to which the concept is complex and elusive. Therefore he switched to the Baptist church denominations.

“Throughout my life, I look for understanding, but once associated with religion (Catholic) which I profess, I am well-berul confused, why did God human form and let himself die to atone only for those who believe in the crucifixion,” said Angela .

“I think the explanation is excessive and I discuss it with the priests and clerics who try to provide an understanding of belief in Christianity that,” he continued.

But that explanation did not make Angela happy. He questioned, why is religion so complicated. Until Angela grew up, he made himself a more simple understanding that there is only one God, the Creator. “There’s no other explanation more rational,” he said.

Journey Angela do a search of his Lord, take her to Islam. Angela finally utter the confession of faith a few weeks after the events of 11 September 2001, a period in which Islam and Muslims are in the spotlight a lot of people with a negative outlook, the target of suspicion and even hatred for propaganda and biased media coverage on Islam and Muslims pascaperistiwa it.

Until now, Angela remained steadfast in his chosen Islam. He even had to wear Muslim dress complete with veil.

About Islam, Angela said, “Islam is a religion that came to straighten out the errors of mankind that changed the word of God on the basis of their own interests. Islam is simple: The Lord is God. God created man and we worship God, only God alone. God sent His prophet, like Moses, Jesus (Prophet Isa) and Prophet Muhammad to deliver His message to humans, as a guide for all mankind. “

“In Islam, Jesus was just a prophet who never died. That’s why he’s the only messenger of God who will come back to earth before the Day of Resurrection. Islamic states, that person will not be awarded heaven just because he claimed to be a Muslim. And we can not directly go to heaven simply because they believe that God is one. We go to heaven based on intentions and behavior taught by Islam on us, “said Angela.

He continued, “As a Muslim, I know that whatever I do, the first is initiated with the intention, then, I must transform that intention to endeavor to melaksaknakan what has been commanded by Islam. It makes me able to determine the path of life to become a better person for myself, for my family, masyarakar and all mankind on earth. “

Angela added that the Koran is the only holy book whose contents never change, only to adjust with the times. Angela admit, after reading all the letters in the Quran and make detailed notes, he was increasingly convinced that the Quran is a masterpiece from the Creator. “I have no doubt that the ‘author’ of this holy book to know more about me than my own,” says Angela.

“Allah has opened my heart, Islam gave me a hint, and now I live to follow the guidance that has been given the Creator, that I live happily in the world, and with the permission of God, will live happily in the hereafter,” he said.

Angela said, because in the U.S. are still many people who misunderstand Islam, and even hostile to Islam, his decision to convert to Islam to be controversy and make family and friends think it strange. But Angela believes that Allah has led him to Islam by encouraging him to explore multiple perspectives through their trip to several countries, especially to some Middle East countries. In these countries, Angela saw diverse Muslim communities living in different, sometimes making it “shock” because of cultural differences.

Nevertheless, the experience made him a better understanding of Islam and Muslims. Islam, says Angela, is a multicultural and religious systems that can be adopted to any religious environment, in any era.

“I can confidently say, if God is not breathed Islam into my soul, I will never discover the identity of an Angela,” Angela mark. (Kw / oi)


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