American Muslim women in Islamic Piece Pouring Love Reality

20 Jun

Muslimah Amerika Menuang Cinta Keislaman dalam Sepotong Realitas

WASHINGTON – Islam is growing rapidly in the U.S.. However, the U.S. Muslim community experiencing similar problems that commonly occur in Muslim countries regarding the Muslim vote. T Asma Uddin, founder site says that although the U.S. spelled out the country that gives women the right to speak, in practice there is such an exception to this problem, primarily related to Muslim women. According to him, the Muslim voice is always overlooked and underappreciated.

Depart from it, Asma established. This page is devoted to the aspirations of Muslim women in discussing various things such as gender, environment and other things. “I expect a conducive environment for the exploration of real issues and suppress the Muslims through a combination of narrative, debate and analysis,” he says are like Egypt reported by The Daily News, Friday (17 / 6).

However, Asma must face the harsh reality that what they earned was not enough. Therefore, he and his colleagues try to expand the U.S. Muslim heritage through writing dialogue that refers to personal experiences he and other Muslim women. Dialogue that experience a collection of essays written in 4 U.S. Muslims under the age of 40 years. Collection of essays entitled “I Talk To Myself”.

“I talk to myself” offers a rare and honest about the real lives of American Muslim women, from several aspects, “he said.

Explained further, a collection of essays is to tell the opposition that occurred in the Muslim world and Islamic identity. “Lawyers, artists, teachers, engineers, students – the women featured in this book discusses the reality of a Muslim woman in America,” he said.

Rashida Tlaib, Asma said, writing about how he realizes that as a member of the legislature for representatives of the state of Michigan, he could contribute to the community. He spent three months to campaign door to door and eventually won a tight competition.

Although he is Arab and Muslim immigrant background, he won a seat in a district that is very diverse. Rashida won by a landslide with 44 percent of the vote. He was ordained as the first Muslim woman in Michigan state legislature.

In another story, Maryam Habib Khan, a U.S. Muslim engineer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, wrote about his experiences following the procession of time U.S. troops to Afghanistan in 2004 and 2006. He worked on humanitarian projects, such as hospital renovations special women in Kabul.

Mary came home with a sense of pride because he did not sacrifice her dignity as a Muslim woman and as an American in Afghanistan, but a role model for bringing together disparate elements and make use of her identity as a woman, engineers, Muslim, and America to help and educate my brothers and distant relatives in order to obtain a better life. “My own story is centered on the spiritual vis-à-vis the evolution of intra-community politics,” said Asma.

In the chapter entitled “Conquering Veil: Gender and Islam,” said Asma, he spoke about his meeting with misogynistic literature. “In that chapter, I’ve talked loudly about the hypocrisy of my community about the headscarf issue, religious symbolism, and judge the morality of others on the basis of artificial symbols,” he said.

In the end, Asma said, he returned to find a way out of spiritual suffering inflicted by these experiences and eventually found himself in a closer relationship with God. “My relationship with God today is more authentic than I had ever experienced before,” he said.

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