Islam and Christianity in the eyes of Thailand Craig Owensby Abdurrohim

18 Jun
Kisah Muallaf

Residents cool city of Chiang Mai, Thailand, which meet a large church attendance was approximately 3,000 people. The speaker was a young pastor who came all the way from America named Craig Owensby. Rhetoric and dazzling appearance. People screaming, crying hysterically when heard praying, waving his hand.
In fact, in my heart was going a strange feeling. My God, these people listen to something that I myself have even less trust, Craig recalled the incident in 1992.
In the course of the same mission, the group boarded the van that Craig and other pastors stopped at a small village. While refueling, one of his friends entered the grocery store. Guard a Thai girl and her father, the Buddhist religion. The conversation occurred. A moment later, the friend out of the stall, and asked that others pray for Craig and the girl, because she wanted to embrace Christianity as long as his father’s hard, too.
After they gathered and prayed, Craig entered the stall, without a word. Maybe because I am bald look like Gautama Buddha, the girl’s father suddenly knelt down and looked at my face, the story of Craig. His hands were wide open, and says ready to convert to Christianity. My mind is getting confused. If I err, the more people I lead astray. I had to stop. Craig then stopped so the pastor.
Being a Muslim never imagined by Craig. Christian family Prebisterian very obedient. After years of pioneering business career, he decided to study the Bible in the school of theology at Princeton Theological Seminary.
At the same time, this tall man quietly studying Islam and the Koran. After not become priests, and doing business in Jakarta, Craig re interested in studying Islam. At that time he often roads in poor villages and slums Muara Baru, North Jakarta. Son of Walter Owensby priest is then nurture and educate some foster children from the village.
Big decisions to be taken precisely bersyahadat because of foster children. One morning, he was awakened by noises in the upstairs rented house. When checked, he found five foster children were praying. I think, they are stubborn and ‘crazy’, but still praying. I myself going? He said. Craig was bersyahadat.
Over the past two years as a Muslim, President Director of PT Spotcast Consulting Mobile Quran recognizes there are many shortcomings of the preachers and preachers Indonesia compared among Evangelicals (missionaries). “The Christians are very effective and smart take people’s hearts.”
Here is an interview Hidayatullah Magazine journalist, Akbar Cholis, Pambudi Utomo, and Dhikrullah with Lilis Fitriyah husband and father of Sarah Owensby Amani Zata this for half a day at his home in the area Cipete, South Jakarta. On the top floor of his large house, the residence also 10 people in foster care, aged 17-20 years. All the males.
What is the most difficult in the face of your foster children?
Problem enforce discipline. Once you make the rules, you must consistently apply it. Therefore I make a few rules so that the problem is too little.
For example, plates and glasses should not be there on the floor above. If you want to eat at the top, after the plates and glasses should be taken down. That rule is easy, anybody can do. Therefore, if breached, could so I am. So that he was embarrassed. But if I beat him, there would be problems with the family. Therefore I do not do that.
How much help do you provide?
I give 300 thousand per month for each of the 10 families and 200 thousand for snacks 10 children. They are now like my son.
Why bother to take foster children living with you?
Ever since I was a Christian pastor, I used to help others. Before I was Muslim, I want to give a little to someone else because I can afford and they do not. I therefore went to Muara Baru, Jakarta, fishing village which is very shabby and poor. From there I took a foster child.
Come there for the Christian mission?
No. Initially I was a Christian and devoted to the church. Later I found many problems in Christianity. If you study the right people will know Christians do not come from Jesus. Christianity today is the result of creativity Kostantin Emperor at the time of the Roman Empire. At that time the Christian community disintegrate. To unify and strengthen his power, Konstanstin choose one stream to be raised and used as the only flow that is considered correct. The flow was convinced Jesus was God, brought by Paul.
Prebisterian that what sect?
For me this is more like a stream of Islam than all other Christian denominations. Prebisterian resembled the classic Protestant. They would all have certain things, logical, and rational. Everything must believe the doctrine of the gospel, not the other. Prebisterian also believe in the trinity as well as Protestant.
They believe Jesus is the Creator who can make people go to heaven or hell and can do anything as you wish Jesus. They also believe that God can give power to anyone, including you or me. That Prebisterian. I personally believe that God can give us power.
But they also believe God has three persons namely, God Father, Jesus and the holy spirit. They also believe there is sin.
What do you permasalahkan of Christianity?
The problem is if Jesus was not raised to be god by Constantine, what will happen with Christianity? Do you believe it? In Paul’s time, Christianity was still in the process, but getting damaged when the time of Constantine.
There are two important issues in Christianity. The belief that Jesus as God and sin. If none of these two things, they like Islam. So in practice and their ideologies such as Islam.
Therefore, Islam should have a great ambition to spread the truth of the Christian. If we have good communication and effective on them, then there is no reason for him not to embrace Islam.
The problem is whether they still believe in the truth of Islam?
When Prophet Muhammad came and Islam expanded out of Arabia, on average, Muslims had been Christians. Because in fact, Islam is the reformation of the Christian world. Christianity is a reform of the Jews. But reform is most correct of course Islam.
The problem is, the culture of Muslims and Christians are very different. Especially the culture of Christians who came from the West. Western people only know Islam because he saw the veil. Not knowing the prayer, zakat, or anything else.
For the U.S. the value of justice for men and women is important. So I would say, women are also allowed into the mosque as men, although the Arabs say women do not have to come to the mosque. Because, I saw it just a matter of culture. There was no prohibition in Islam.
As another example, although I love the glove, the American society are less familiar with the culture of gloves because it will be considered a women’s clothing. Americans think less for both men when wearing a cap (head covering). For the U.S. it is considered a kind of Superstition (superstition). It must be remembered, many U.S. Catholics, but his attitude as Protestant. They believe, does not really matter because God clothes just to see what is in his heart. Therefore, if you keep pressing them wear hats like that, then you’ll be a little crazy. Including strange sight they see the hijab.
If there is a culture that is unfamiliar to you, then I do not have to introduce it. It’s just a matter of culture. God willing, over time many tactics that can be taken to introduce Islam.
How do you explain to Americans about the veil of your wife?
I believe the veil is the grace of God to the people of Islam as revealed in Medina. To the American community, I would say my wife chose the hijab because it was his own decision.
We believe today’s world view women as mere objects. With the hijab, people can finally see it and who he is, not merely objects of the body that can be seen.
When choosing a prospective wife, you make the veil as a criterion?
a. My criteria when choosing a wife is very simple: a good Muslim. You know, so I say you want to get married, everyone helped me find. Aa Gym, Arifin Ilham, Ihsan Tanjung, Didin Hafiduddin, there are cool and some are charming. Ustadz Ihsan example I chose is too old and gave me an old lady like me. Oh .. no. I want younger women and 25 years old.
Explore the many years of Islam, Craig claimed not feel complete and satisfied to be Muslim. To catch up after a busy routine business of worship and preach the spirit of Islam, in 2001, he fulfilled the beginning of Ramadan, comes the intention to develop the business of Al-Quran Mobile. This is a service to learn the Koran through the Short Message System (SMS) and displays four prominent preachers; Abdullah Gymnastiar, M Ihsan Tanjung, M Arifin Ilham, and Didin Hafidhuddin. With a large enough capital charger, 250 thousand USD, now Al-Quran Mobile has developed and has no less than 60 thousand subscribers. “But this is not pure business, is intended value of worship,” he said.

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