Abdullah Delancey , a resident of Canada Assistant Pastor Become A Muslim

18 Jun

Everything then changed. My belief is to Christianity during the collapse. I no longer believe in Christianity or become a Christian. ”

Road to reach his goals as a pastor or missionary leader was wide open, but the road stretches that just took him to get to know Islam. So he finally decided to become a Muslim and give up all his ambitions, though by then he had become assistant pastor. He is Abdullah Delancey, a Canadian citizen who tells his journey to become a Muslim.

“Before, I was a Protestant Christian. My family raised me in the teachings of the Pentecostal Church, until I was an adult and I choose to be a fundamental Baptist church congregation,” says Delancey started the story.

According to him, as a devout Christian, when he was often involved with various church activities such as giving the sermon at Sunday school and other activities. “I was finally selected as the assistant pastor. I really want to serve more to God and decided to pursue a career to become a priest,” says Delancey who now work providing care to patients at a local hospital.

His desire, in fact become a Pastor or become a missionary. However, he thinks, if being a priest then it will strengthen the commitment of his life and his family at the church in full. Delancey had won a scholarship to take a degree in religion.

“Before attending Bible College, I think to better examine the teachings of Christianity and I started asking some serious questions about the teachings of my religion. I questioned the Trinity, menagapa God requires of a child and why Jesus had to be sacrificed to atone for the sin- human sin as mentioned in the Bible, “says Delancey is blessed with three children from his marriage for nearly 20 years.

The other thing that becomes a question mark for the Delancey, how can the people mentioned in the “Old Testament” can be “saved” and go to heaven when Jesus was not yet born. “I am seriously contemplating all Christian doctrine, that as long as I ignore this,” continued Delancey. He admitted not get the answer a plausible and reasonable to all the questions that became the basis of Christian doctrine.

“So, for what God gives us a tremendous sense if it is then we should not use it. That’s what commanded the Christian religion, Christianity asks us not to use reason when it states that you must have faith. A blind belief,” says Delancey, recalls his experiences in the past.

Since then, Delancey realized that he had been swallowed by the Christian teachings blindly and never question the things that actually made him confused. “I did not realize it,” says Delancey.

“I can not find answers in the Bible. Once I realized that the Trinity was just a myth and that God is powerful enough to” save “someone without the need for help from a child or anyone or anything else. Everything changed later. My belief for this to Christianity collapsed. I no longer believe in Christianity or become a Christian. ”

“I left the church for good and my wife followed my steps, because he also experienced the same thing in accepting the teachings of Christianity. This will be the beginning of my spiritual journey, when I was without a religion but still believe in God,” says Delancey .

Hidayah IBHS Coming

Delancey admit, those moments into moments that are difficult for himself and his family who had only know Christianity. But he continued to seek the truth and began studying various religions. Delancey continue to see irregularities in the religions he had studied, until he heard about the Islamic religion.

“Islam! Especially that? As far as I remember, I’ve never known a Muslim and had never heard of Islam, even the talk about Islam as a religion in which I live in Canada but bad stories about Islam. At that time, I do not consider Islam, “says Delancey.

But then, Delancey began to read-read information about Islam and began to read the contents of the Koran. The contents of the Koran that changed his life so that he was interested to read anything about Islam. Luckily, Delancey find a mosque that is located about 100 miles from her hometown.

“I then took my family to this mosque. On the way, I felt nervous but also filled with the spirit and I ask myself, would I be allowed into the mosque because I am not an Arab or a Muslim,” Gomez said.

After arriving at the mosque, I also feel that there is nothing to worry about. He and his family were warmly welcomed by an Imam and a number of Muslims in the mosque. “They are very good. Not as bad as the news about Muslims,” ​​I Delancey.

In the mosque, Delancey was given a book written by Ahmad Deedat and he could be convinced to become a Muslim. Delancey read all materials about Islam and greatly appreciate the gift, because in the library where he lived only four books on Islam.

“After studying the books, I was very shocked. How can I become a Christian for so long and never heard the truth? I finally believe in Islam and want to convert to Islam,” the story of Delancey.

He then contacted the Muslim community in his town and on March 24, 2006 I went to the mosque and say the Shahadah just before the implementation of Friday prayers, in the presence of Muslim communities in his city.

“I say La illaha ill Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. I became a Muslim. It was the best day of my life. I love Islam and feel at peace now,” says Delancey remember back to when he became a Muslim.

Delancey admitted, he and his family faced hard times after it decided to embrace Islam, especially from friends who are Christians and from both parents. He no longer recognized as a child and his friends are Christians no longer wants to talk to him. Delancey shunned even laughed at.

“I am pleased to be a Muslim, no matter if my friends see my fellow Canadians weird for choosing to become a Muslim. Because I will personally accountable for my actions to God after I die.”

“God gave me strength and God Almighty help me to get through the tough times after I converted to Islam. I had so many brothers and sisters now,” Delancey said.

After converting to Islam, Delancey changed her first name and be called now Abdullah Delancey. be the first and only Islamic spiritual director is allowed to work in a hospital in his city. He also manages an Islamist website that dididirikannya

“I am a Muslim and I am very happy to be a Muslim. Gratitude I pray to Allah,” said Delancey end the story of his journey from an assistant pastor became a Muslim. (IOL

source: eramuslim

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