Reflections on new convert Lucy Bushill-Mathews: We Can not Force People to Sign In or Out of Islam

15 Jun

Refleksi Mualaf Lucy Bushill-Mathews: Kita Tak Bisa Memaksa Orang untuk Masuk atau Keluar dari Islam

Lucy Bushill-Matthews

LONDON – Lucy Bushill-Matthews, a Muslim convert and mother of three children, bringing new treasures in the Islamic world. He was educated woman, and likes to write. Some writings are recorded, the latest about everyday things become Muslim, which was translated in the Indonesian language by publisher Lantern Heart became “ME AN MUSLIMAH Muallaf: Funny and Sad Story of Being Muslim in the Land of Europe”.

To the Women Emel magazine, he wrote reflections about berislam choice. Here are his thoughts:

The latest news is about bersyahadatnya Lauren Booth, Tony Blair-in-law. Muslims almost universally pleased that the ‘sister’ Others have chosen to embrace Islam. Although recognized Booth: lots of love and many people do not like his choice.

The Qur’an upholds the principle: “There is no compulsion in embracing Islam.” (2:256) of Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 states: “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religious guidance.” This includes the freedom to choose religion, freedom to choose how to live our lives with faith as a guiding compass, the freedom to raise our children in the skeleton, and – from the point of controversy – the freedom to leave that religion.

When the Prophet Muhammad began to preach to the people around her 610 years, only he himself as a Muslim. Although there has been throughout the history of the Muslims (with ‘m’ small), literally means people who believe in God, but no one believes in complete credo, “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.”

In this era, every Muslim after Muhammad are converts. Muslims rejoice when other people accept Islam, and polytheistic tribal leaders of Quraysh became increasingly agitated, at one point drove the whole Muslim community into a barren valley for three years.

Today, change is greeted with mixed reaction, although without the same koreaksi asked if there is a new Muslim. Each vying to find out why he accepted Islam. I was impressed with the answers Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens every time I asked about why he converted to Islam, “Well why do you follow Islam? I am a Muslim for the same reason as you.”

Unfortunately, many Muslims who do not realize, why he is Muslim. Many Muslims who become Muslims simply because their parents were Muslim.

However, it is natural for parents to choose to raise them in their own faith. Unfortunately, if we have strict cultural education, this can be confused with and blame everything on our religion. (Actually, maybe that parenting parents wrong, red).

My children have protested at the way I educate them, who tried to incorporate moral values ​​and customs as well as the theological basis of Islam. “I want to have my free will,” said my daughter who turned pre-teen, when depressed by urging parents to make sure his room tidy. “My life would be much better if I’m not a Muslim,” he continued. “Islam told I should pray and feed the rabbits, reading the Qur’an and tidy my room.”

My son who was eight years old was also strongly believe in personal freedom. He wrote in diarinya, “It makes me sad I have to do anything I was told to do so. I’m happy if I get anything I want.”

We definitely have to acknowledge and respect the choice of our own children. I have been asked several times by people, some of them Muslims, “When are you going to make your child wear the hijab?” As if the problem is in my hands, instead of a very personal choice.

My oldest child, she had decided she wanted to make their own choices. “When I grow up,” he said, “I’ll look at all religions and see where the most sense to me.” I can only hope he is a ‘researcher’ best and jelly, though as a Muslim, it’s natural that I hope he chose Islam.

A recent case in the U.S. involve adolescents Fatimah Rafiqah Barry who chose Christianity, then fled from Muslim parents. He said he would be killed if he returned. But it says in the Qur’an (4: 80) “And those who turn away, we have not sent you as their guardian.”

Ubaydallah ibn Jahsh the time of the Prophet to leave Islam and embrace Christianity. He is free to live as a Christian until he died. We may not agree with her choice, but in this case, each person ultimately responsible to God, and not for others.

The Qur’an challenges us, “If you have a will of your Lord that all the people in the world should be believers, then everyone on earth will believe!” (10:99)

I can only continue to pray, I hope my children continue to grow in faith, and when large, still choose Islam as their religion.

Lucy Bushill-Matthews, adalah penulis Welcome to Islam – a Convert’s Tale dan kini mengelola beberapa madrasah di Inggris

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