Tony Blair Confess Quran Reading Every Day

13 Jun

Tony Blair Mengaku Membaca Al Qur'an Setiap Hari

Tony Blair

There is a change from the figure of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to leave Downing Street since 2007 10 years ago. He is now more open about the importance of religious attendance. The first change, Blair decided to attend a Roman Catholic despite her family was raised in the Anglican. Interestingly, Blair did not hesitate to say he read the Qur’an every day. “I read the Qur’an setap days. Much to know what is happening in the world, partly because the Koran contains many lessons,” he said in an interview with the magazine Obsever. Blair said the knowledge of the faith and confidence make him get the capital to run his new job as Middle East envoy for the UN, U.S., EU and Russia. “I believe the knowledge of faith is important in a globalized world,” said Blair who reportedly never presented to the brother of the Holy Qur’an in-law, Lauren Booth. Previously, Blair in 2006, praised the Koran as a book dinilainya reform. Qur’an according to Blair, prioritizes science and hate superstition. The book is also a vision for the future, especially in terms of marriage, women and governance. Blair also lamented when there are those who interpret the Qur’an as a call of jihad violence. Former successful team, Blair, John Burton said two years ago, Blair strongly believed the intervention in Kosovo, Sierra Leone and Iraq are part of the Christian battle. However, now he denies that the war was not a “crusade.” “People still ask whether the British military involvement in Iraq or Afghanistan is based on some kind of divine instruction. That’s rubbish,” he added. source:

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