Agony new convert: Tortured, deprived of family and brought to justice

12 Jun


Pressure for those who are determined to embrace Islam or become converts have never known the word over. Obstacles for obstacles often faced. It might even be the hardest part is the challenge which raised his own family.

The condition that occurs in Asghar Maseeh who decided to embrace Islam. However, after switching beliefs, which are also at the same time changed its name to Sheikh Abdul Rehman, he was dumped by his own family.

Not only that, he even often gets abuse from his family. Speaking to reporters outside the Peshawar Press Club on Friday (10 / 6), Asghar Maseeh, showed traces of torture on his body.

He said that his family, including his elders away from home and tortured him. The problem does not stop there. His wife who also decides to embrace Islam, with its new name of Bibi Zainab, also get a rejection from his family.

In fact, the elders in his wife’s family brought the matter to court. “Bibi Zainab also recorded his statement in court that he was willing to stay with me,” he said.

His three sons are all bearing the name of Islam. His daughter first, which was originally named Asghar Bhatti Amisha turned into Aunt Fatima, while the second Adisha become Aunt Ayesha Bhatti. While his son be Aashar Maseeh Abdullah.

Related to these cases, this converts the family appealed to the High Court in Islamabad, Pakistan. Steps were taken to protect the family and the conviction and the injustice of both parents.

In addition, he demanded justice for alleged acts of violence in the form of torture. He said, “minorities enjoy equal rights in this country, but they are not ready to accept the decision of converting to Islam.”


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