Ericka’s mother, the Reverend Tell When A Muslim Hate Jesus

11 Jun


A statement that Muslim hate preacher of Jesus, precisely to encourage Ericka – Evangelical Christian who married a Muslim man – seeking the truth would that statement. Search Ericka’s what brought on the Islamic religion and finally decided to become a Muslim.

Mexican-American women were actually raised in a devout Catholic family. Approximately the year 2008, a friend invited Ericka came to the adherents of the Evangelical church. Since then, he felt fit with Evangelical doctrine.

“They (the Evangelical congregation) are very similar to me at that time and helped me a lot. I understand many of their teachings, including the obligation to read the Bible. Although I do not always understand the Bible, at least I intend to learn and join the Bible class on Sunday , “said Ericka.

On one occasion, a pastor said that Muslims hate Jesus and Muslims worship another god called “Allah.” The statement encourages curiosity Ericka pastor utterance of truth.

“I was shocked, I met with some Muslims who were loved ‘Jesus’ as big as Christians. I also learned that the word ‘Allah’ is Arabic meaning ‘God’ and that Jesus is not God as Christians believed, because The same Jesus also worship the same God as us, “said Ericka.

Since then, curiosity Ericka greater. He sought information about the origins of the Bible and the compilers of the Bible. He found many contradictions and compiler-compilers of the Bible is not clear identity and capabilities. Ericka even find biblical authors did not even know Jesus, tap dare to write about Jesus.

At first, there is resistance in his heart to acknowledge that many things that do not make sense in Christianity. “It hurt to think that the holy book (the Bible) I am a holy and sacred, which for me is the words of God, there are many irregularities,” said Ericka.

“I pray to God Almighty to guide me, let me see the truth, and led me to worship Him without fear of any consequences,” said Ericka.

The great thing that still makes Ericka accounts is the question of why the Bible does not prophesy about Prophet Muhammad PBUH. He is looking for evidence and found the answer: if the Bible contains prophecies about Prophet Muhammad, it means that the Bible recognizes the existence of Prophet Muhammad and Islam.

Ericka was determined to be more in studying Islam. He read the Quran and recognize the purity of the Koran as the direct word of Allah Most High. “I find that Islam is a religion is right and logical, providing an answer to this life, and Islam is a religion of peace and bring our whole self to God,” said Ericka.

After going through a long thought, Ericka decided to convert to Islam. Ericka a Muslim husband, helped him to utter two sentences creed. After bersyahadat, Ericka feel a heavy burden on his shoulders immediately disappeared. “I felt free, clean and full of confidence,” said Ericka who then immediately put on the hijab.

Ericka lucky not to experience problems from a Christian family. “Islam gives my life a complete guide, the chance to get closer to God. The opportunity to receive His mercy, a chance to live in the hereafter. Islam gives peace and provide street lights in which I participated,” he said.

For those who are not familiar with Islam, Ericka told, “Do not be afraid to learn about Islam, at least understand it and do not criticize it. You will understand if you know full well about Islam, and if you understand, you will respect Islam. Continue to seek and ask for God’s guidance . (Ln / oi)


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