For the father of Carole Sturm Originally From United States: Religion is a mystery and God’s Difficult to Understand, Until he Know Islam

10 Jun

When thinking back all the way, Carole Sturm traces one by one the impression, from which he recite a prayer in the Roman Catholic Church at age 15.

He recalled, his journey towards Islam is driven by spiritual passion of a teenager who grew up in church. While still a young woman she had to trust God. However, he also struggled to overcome doubts the mystery posed in the Catholic faith and forgiveness.

“I then said, God show me what all this means or show me something else,” said Sturm, now 45 years old. He said that 20 years ago in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “After that I feel I like to go to hell. I mean, because I was still 15 Thun.”

He felt the need to take 5 years until he gets answers. Sturm said the Lord responded to his prayer and showed him Islam

“It’s like a slow dawn broke,” said a company’s computer systems analyst in Texas. “It’s not like my experience awake one night and suddenly said,” This is it. ”

When converted to Islam, Sturm joined by a large number of Americans who’ve switched to the religious beliefs of Unity, the religion which he initially imported into the land of view of the predominantly Christian United States.

Like most of the switch, Sturm said he discovered that his new religion allowed her spiritually to understand God yet he looked elusive.

To convert to Islam too, Sturm rate is very simple, there is no formal ritual. “They just asked to pledge belief in one God and Muhammad is rasull acknowledge God,” said Sturm.

Although initially impressed Sturm said that Islam as a faith foreign to him, he became more familiar when pursuing finance degree from the University of Oklahoma and met many Muslim countries. From there he got a lot of new knowledge, including the man she eventually married, Shazhad Khan.

For Sturm, by reading the Qur’an, all questions related to beliefs can be logically answered. “Islam does not require me to make a huge leap of faith to the outside of logic, such as accepting that Jesus is the son of God and a way to atone for sin,” he said.

“No way we get to heaven without God’s forgiveness, and for that there is more responsibility on the shoulders of every person,” said Sturm revealed that he believed the teachings of Islam. “It’s important to me.”

Seeing her daughter converted to Islam, Father Sturm, feel uncomfortable. But he is now receiving her daughter’s decision after seeing how he is now, married and has two grandchildren Khan’s daughter who also embraced Islam.

“I certainly was not going to advise my daughter to do this,” said Charles Sturm. “When he embraced Catholicism, he is a good woman.” But I have no doubt that he is now a better woman when adherence to Islam. ”

Sturm does not always cover his head in the workplace, where he was often associated with the client company. But he stressed that his company provides comfortable working environment for Muslims, including himself.

“I just can not deal with questions and views of the people,” he said. “People will look at you different, different colors, how serious they view everything you do and what you say.”

But he also balked at the notion that Islam oppresses women. One example, he said, is the freedom to work or even walk on his own outside of that applied in Islamic countries. For the most important is the Islamic Strum has shown the way to understand God.

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