Mrs. Rita Rahmat : God Came When I’m Being at Lowest Point

09 Jun

Mualaf Rita Rahmat: Allah Datang Ketika Saya Berada di Titik Terendah

Rita Rahmat

Converts Rita Grace: God Came When I’m Being at Lowest Point Grace Rita RELATED: Story of A Gangster, Get Hidayah and Islamic Kepelukan Fall (3) The Story of A Gangster, Get Hidayah and Islamic Kepelukan Fall (2) Story of A Gangster, Get Hidayah and Fall Kepelukan Islam (1) Before Being Ruqaiyyah, Rosalyn Rushbrook is author Christian Books Preaching Style Look Imam ‘Nge-Pop’ a wandering American Muslim Youth new convert Rita Grace: God Came When I’m Being at Lowest Point Thursday, June 9, 2011 2001 : 00 pm REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – “Make it easy to others, then God will help us,” said Rita Rahmat. Director of corporate communications and media relations are not just talking Aircomm. Managing a business, he often experienced ups and downs. But he was always optimistic, until at some point, the ease will come unexpectedly. “That math is hard to describe.” Know God, do Rita when she was in the lowest point of his life. His business went bankrupt, and the disaster came repeatedly. He shut himself in the room, thoughtfully. Rita lose faith in God. Rather than confuse prayed to God a lot, he said, so he decided to ‘stop’ religious. “I worship and believe in God the Creator, but without religion,” he said. He decided to go from Jakarta, working on small projects bid on the island of Bintan. Despite the recognition, the work was not too helpful in the economy. In fact, he never returned to Jakarta from Bintan, the condition did not have a penny uangpun, and stranded at Changi airport as well, because behind the plane. But he realizes now, that’s the way that set him to live in Islamic guidance. With the return ticket pickup money, he crossed over to Batam. Just the next day he returned to Jakarta with the next flight. The road home is passed, it is not smooth. Bad weather, great vibrating plane. Passengers panicked, including Rita. “I think about death. What if I die and no religion?” he tells the Republika Online, Wednesday afternoon. Suddenly he remembered the teachings of Islam that could steal attention in recent months. “I swear to myself, if the plane stopped in shock, then I will convert to Islam,” he said. No wait a minute, the plane instantly calmed down. Rita grateful. However, he regretted his oath, and rectify, claiming the shock is due to bad weather, and improved as the weather improves, rather than divine intervention. “Shortly after that thought crossed the plane back in shock, more terrific. Instantly I realized that, my man is weak, there is more power over me. Islam, it is in my heart,” he said, later determined to be a Muslim immediately. She remembers the time when it is 17:35 o’clock, at the end of 1999. She returned to honor his extended family that celebrates Christmas. *** Up in Jakarta, Rita learned about Islam. Until he was determined to bersyahadat, and rewarded the Muslims for himself, on his birthday, April 2. However, his arrival at the mosque, denied takmirnya. “Just come back tomorrow,” he said mimicking the takmir. The door closed. He headed the Great Mosque of Al Azhar Jakarta. Meet with a tutor on the second floor who was teaching a mother with her daughter, he expressed his intentions. The tutor advised to wait until Maghrib. “But I’m bersyahadat right away, and he led me,” he said. He bersyahadat witnessed two people who were there. He looked at his watch, the clock struck 17:35. “Time is the same as when I vowed to convert to Islam.” Maghrib before, he was touched when many converts came, shook his hand. He made his first prayer, congregational. “I am guided purification ritual, taught briefly about the prayer. Because I only can read Al Fatihah, that is what I read during the prayer,” he recalls. Home of Al Azhar, he went to Melawai, buy equipment prayers. The hardest thing is when to tell his family about become Muslim. His mother was silent, and handed him to re-learn the gospel. He shook his head. “I’ve decided to Islam, but I’m not going to change. I remain Rita mama’s boy.” The mother looked down, shed tears. In honor of his mother, Rita always go to the mosque if you want to perform the prayers, when her mother had visited her home. “I do not want to frontal in front of Mom,” he said. But he always assured her, that Islam is the choice of his heart. “That’s just between me and my creator, and the way I communicate with him,” he said. ‘m About habluminannas (human relations), he was not the slightest mngurangi stance on women who gave birth to her and her extended family. Old-old mama’s heart melt. Two months later, she had lost her daddy, passed away into the afterlife. *** Rita recounts, the teachings of Islam about the kind thought is true. Moreover, the kind thought in favor of Allah. he often found the ‘miracle’ of this kind would have guessed. One of them, as he intends Ramadan Umrah. “Rather than berlebaran in Jakarta alone, mending my berlebaran berumrah and there,” he said. However, registration has been closed. The owner of the firm even suggest for pilgrimage. “I do not have money,” he said. However, the owner advice bureau to submit the file for the pilgrimage, met. “After all, can be null if failed,” he said. “My intention either to the Holy Land, God willing, God gave way.” Not unexpectedly, after returning from the hajj bureau, he got a call from his staff. Successful project proposal, and he had money left over to pay off the cost of the pilgrimage. Rita looked at life like a puzzle. Mutual strung. Hajj reason, delivered in her match today, the Day of Grace. “Two months of acquaintance, we got married,” he said. According to Rita, life would be easier if it was always kind thought. He also holds fast to one another philosophy: “Make it easy to others, then God will ease our affairs.” “Help anyone, do not look at his background,” said he who claims to do with the family can stay in touch better today. “The key to tolerate each other, tolerate each other,” said the mother of one son who is now active as a volunteer at a nonprofit agency that cares for people with lupus.


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