Ismail Christians will enter Islam: Procedure Forgiveness in Islam Really Makes Sense

08 Jun

“I became a Muslim because there are many good reasons, but most importantly, I wanted to be close to God and receive forgiveness and eternal salvation,” wrote Ismail Abu Adam on his YouTube account. Yet long before declared that Ismail was initially devout Christian, wanted to do evangelistic mission to the Muslim community during the time he thought should be saved.

“I was born big as a Christian. But I am a Roman Catholic foundation,” said Ismail. “I always believed Jesus was God and I give my life to him,” he said.

Ismail believes Jesus is the savior and he also believes the event of death, crucifixion to the resurrection of Jesus. “Also the concept of original sin, one hundred percent all of that I believe to be the words of god,” said Ismail.

As a devout follower, he went to church every week and active in religious activities. In fact he often mengkotbahi her friends and invites them to believe that beberbeda religious beliefs that he adopted.

In the early 20s, Ismail became interested in expanding preaching to Muslims. “I grew up, lived in North America. There I very rarely met a Muslim, there is only Caucasian and Christian, so I want menyakskan Christians can be spread to the Muslim community,” he said.

Before you actually go to the field and in direct contact with Muslims, Ismail decided to start from the virtual world. He tries to find a gap how Christians can be spread through the media.

When you search the internet that he found and watched videos that he find attractive; debate between a Muslim and evangelists. South African Muslim named Ahmad Deedat. Through the debate, Ishmael realizes if he really understood the gospel. “She always wins and is able to break and make a telling rebuttal to the evangelist from every aspect,” said Ishmael.

“He broke the argument that there was no original sin, that Christians are not the words of God, and show that Christianity is a false doctrine because the interpretation made by the skid, had experienced fabrication, modification plus and also reduced by the author,” said Ismail again.

Dedat, according to Ismail, also touched on the doctrine of the trinity, resurrection, crucifixion. “It felt exactly the opposite argument (evangelist-red) is very weak and easily broken. I have to admit, I honestly do not like Ahmad Deedat at the time,” said Ismail.

He even frustrated with speakers from the Christian stronghold. “He holds a PhD in Christian theology, but he could not break through the arguments Ahmad Deedat who spoke only their own and only supported by the Qur’an.”

It was Ishmael think Deedat would use the gospel to refute the Christian doctrine. He was intrigued to learn more by the spirit of Christianity he would refute the arguments of Ahmed Deedat.

Ismael said the type of person with a skeptical mind. “I do not believe and believe in something so I need to be studied and investigated its own to understand and believe in something,” he said.

When deciding to go deeper Christian he chose from the Islamic perspective. “Previously I’d never do that, learning from the perspective of other Christians and Christian Deedat really confront my understanding,” said Ismail.

Ismail also study the Bible and Christian doctrine of Islam. He studied the permanence, the concept of trinity, the crucifixion of Jesus, savior concept until the resurrection, original sin. “Is it true that the gospel is the word of god,” he said.

When studying the Qur’an Deedat Ismail realized that the argument was correct. “I suddenly felt being on the wrong path. Christianity is not the words of God. It’s really a hard blow for me” said Ismail.

“I have embraced Christianity for years, I was born a Christian and became a Catholic for 20 years, suddenly all that I believe is turning from top to bottom. Of course this is a big shock,” he said.

When Ishmael was not the desire to become Muslim. “What I wanted was to know the real truth fundamentally,” he said.

Islam began his pejalari. From there he understands Muslims only believe in one god in a concept called monotheism. Monotheism, that’s the conclusion which he obtained from the Islamic religion. “They call a god with Allah, they believe Jesus was a prophet, a messiah who proclaim the truth when raised again, it’s also great confidence that I embrace,” said Ismail.

More in the review, Ishmael finds the concept of forgiveness and salvation of God. He understands forgiveness in Islam is obtained by faith in God, do His teachings and do good as a form of faith.

Ismail also know that Muslims believe in Jesus that no prophet after Muhammad. “They believe that as the words of God and all there in the book of the Koran,” he said. “This is something new for me. I never know Islam, but not detailed.”

It was Ismail’s claims began to emerge a sense of love for Islam. “Muslims believe in the existence of Jesus. For me it was a link between Islam and Christianity and it made me feel comfortable. I like finding the stepping stone,” said Ishmael.

So find out how Muslims believe Tuhannnya, how the Prophet was sent to bring the message, Ismail felt born to believe it. He then decided to go to the mosque. “At that time I moved to small towns and in the city there is a mosque. I tap on the door and said I wanted to talk with someone about Islam,” said Ismail.

After that routine meyambangi Ismail mosque every week to discuss with a priest there. The priest gave him reading books about Islam and Prophet Muhammad’s biography. PBUH. ‘He serve and answer all my questions, “said Ismail.

Until one day, the Imam said to him: “I do not want you to be a Muslim unless you truly believe in this religion.” Hearing him Ishmael again admitted surprise. “As long as I became a Christian I always meet preaching sermons and also to invite someone to be Christian. Every Christian is always trying to influence a person becomes a Christian,” he said. “Almost no Christian may say, ‘I do not want you to be a Christian except for you be sure and come back to me if you are sure’.”

Ismail actually challenged by the priest’s greeting. Is this really true path? “It just tickles me to know what Islam is indeed correct, which should be believed? Really no one forced me to become Muslim,” he said. “I see in Islam there is truth and it was evident as a way of life God wants for me,” he said.

When Ismail remember the gospel again, instead he found the facts believed to be a god Jesus never claimed himself as a god and called on his followers to worship him. Compare further, in the Qur’an, Ishmael finds promise God’s forgiveness will be given to those who believe, but in the Gospel, the word ‘promise’ was not there.

“Forgiveness and salvation given by God because He loves you, because you repent, believe in him and do what he wanted. It’s very clear and simple,” said Ismail. While in Christianity, according to Ismail, the rescue quite difficult for adherents.

“First you have to believe first and crucifixion cruel murder of innocent people, where blood was shed in order to save your sins. You were created with original sin. God put yourself in the world with sin in your heart or soul. All that it does not reflect God’s justice, “he explained.

Ismail assess forgiveness and salvation in Islam is more reasonable. “Forgiveness is God’s, God’s gift of love, because we ask Him, because we believe in Him,” he said. “It’s in the Bible there are also words which contain truth. But Islam is superior and is logically correct. For me it was amazing,” he added.

And all this time Ismail always imagine Islam as a religion of violence, as advocated murder. “But when I read the Qur’an I find a lot of peace, the sentence containing the peace, solitude and enlightenment. That’s why I decided to become a Muslim.

Now Ishmael believes God is a god and gave his entire life to Him. “He is the king as well as my savior in the world and the hereafter. By this I also believe that Jesus confirmed the teachings of Jesus as a Muslim,” he said.

Currently, Ismael takes discipline of Islamic studies in universities. In the last ten years he has traveled to six Muslim-majority country and read dozens of books on Islam and Comparative Religion. He even fluent enough to converse in Arabic. In his YouTube account Ismail wrote, “I love God because He first loved me.”


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2 responses to “Ismail Christians will enter Islam: Procedure Forgiveness in Islam Really Makes Sense

  1. Rio

    31 Maret 2012 at 03:10

    Assalammualaykum Brother,

    I like your story how to convert to Islam based on the scholaryly adventures. Logic and reality.
    Your story make me more iman due to give me the higher knowledge of my Islamic.

    Thank you Jazakumulluah, Syukron katsir

    • azzamudin

      31 Maret 2012 at 06:25

      Thank you for visiting and may be a means of communication. We hope you become more convinced that Islam is a religion the most perfect end times.


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