Bagnall from the United States Troy Christian Understanding Precisely After Islam

08 Jun

Troy is not easy to believe the news in Western media about Islam are always portrayed negatively. The impact he had converted to Islam

My name is Troy Bagnall. Age 22 years and soon 23 years. Students at Arizona State University (ASU), derived from Poenix, Arizona. I studied film and media at ASU.

I converted to Islam last February due to various reasons. I have been interested in Islam for a long time, because Islam is a hot topic in the news and events lately. I’m interested in ancient history and world history, as well as issues of war and politics.

If I heard the news about a conflict that occurred in places such as Sudan, Somalia, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chechnya, Lebanon, and others, I will soon find out information about the conflict so I can understand what is really occur in conflicts, because the media here (United States) tend not clear mengabarkannya honestly and without prejudice anything.
When I look for information on conflict-related, I am also interested to learn about the history of the Muslim world. I spent time with his own learning about the history and culture of the Muslim world. I also take classes at ASU Islamic civilization. When I studied history and culture of the Muslim world, I am interested in his religion, Islam.

I was raised as a Christian, but stopped the practice of teaching since the age of 15 years. I personally think, Christianity is very confusing and illogical. Problems doctrine of the trinity and atonement is not reasonable, especially considering that in the Bible also has verses that are contrary to that doctrine.

When I took classes on the history of Islam, I met with brother Mohammad Totah very familiar problem of the Bible, the Koran, and all three Abrahamic religions other. We did a lot of discussion about comparative religion. Besides that I also conduct their own research. I get more lessons how Christian teachings that conflict with his book itself.

I also learned a lot that so many teachings in the Bible are actually in favor of Islam. Another thing I found was, Barnabas preach the teachings and the name of the coming of Prophet Muhammad Shalallahu alaihi wasalam. And the teaching is omitted from the Bible.

About the Qur’an is very impressive and there are no stains at all, I found the Qur’an is very simple and very easy to understand. Islam itself is very simple and straightforward without any complicated doctrine. In Islam there is no blind faith as there is in Christianity.

Islam recognizes the existence of the last Prophet, which is not in the Jewish faith, because it denies the Jewish Prophet to come, like Prophet Jesus upon whom be peace.

The more I studied Islam, I understand the uncertainty that once I met in Christianity. Actually I prefer to know a lot about the Bible and Christian doctrine since I converted to Islam than when I was a Christian.

Since becoming Muslim, I also feel closer to God. It is not intended to belittle the Christian, but I think that religion is the Pope’s teachings and the other disciples of the teachings of Jesus (Prophet Isa) itself.

I also spent much time learning about the histories of religion since they were there and spread all over the world. I know of Islam, which in the West viewed as an exotic teachings from the east. But the real Islam teaches what brought by all prophets who was sent to teach, that is worship to God alone. Very annoying to see how the media always portray Islam negatively.

I understand if there is conflict and violence in some parts of the Islamic world, but the conflict is really nothing more than political issues.

Yes, I admit it is very hard to practice the teachings of Islam in which I live, in America, while the media here always constantly stuffing with negative stereotypes of Islam. And a little heavy for me because many American students who live freely and rah-rah. Even so it was not much of a problem for me, because I type a bookworm.

I got a lot of questions from non-Muslims around issues of politics, and culture of the Middle East. And I have to show them, very different from what it is Islam with political ideology and cultural customs.

Middle East is clearly a center of Islamic world, but very cute also how the media always identifies with the Muslim Middle East. Since Muslims come from all over the world. I think there is racism in there, because the West does not seem to see the fact that Jews and Christians from the Middle East as well, as Islam.

In short, I accepted Islam just because I testify that it is the true religion of God. Islam is simple, straightforward, and not confusing.

I also liked, how Islam has a universal bond among its followers. Islam has helped me become a better human.

I feel roomy when practicing the teachings of Islam. It helps me feel a better life and helped me cope with stress and problems in life.

I sincerely hope, the people in the West over the Islamic world get an education about Islam and understand it really, rather than listen to negative criticism and not entirely true, as often depicted the media about Islam.

I hope my story can provide inspiration for those who are interested in Islam to want to learn more about him.


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