Mr. Karlsson Photographer Swedish origin, Long Road Winding Toward Islam

04 Jun

Before getting to know Islam, Karlsson is an ordinary man who is not religious at all. He claimed to be typical of a materialistic person. It had never crossed his mind a little of God’s existence.

“I live life for 25 years without ever really thinking about the existence of God, or other matters relating to the spiritual,” said the man from Sweden.

But he still remembers his childhood memories, while still sitting in class 7, once wrote a story about what the future will want fro the future. Karlsson described himself later as a computer progammer successful – and it was he had never touched a computer – and live with a wife who is Muslim.

“At that time, the word ‘Muslims’ to me was the women who wear long, loose and wear a headscarf. But I do not know where that thought came and passed in my head,” she recalled her childhood dream.

Running time. Karlsson complete college and start working. He already had his own income and pidah to the apartment she bought. At that time, he began to pursue his interest in amateur photography world and active in photography activities.

Karlsson said he did not know exactly how the story until he was later to know Islam. According to him, all he just happens without planning. “A lot of things that I myself can not explain, what I do, and why I do it,” said Karlsson.

He continued, “I can not remember, why I called the Islamic Information Organisation in Sweden and asked to be recorded to subscribe to newsletters they publish, then why did I buy the Quran translation and bought an excellent book entitled ‘Islam: Our Faith’. I just do it. ”

After reading all the translations of the Quran, Karlsson admitted the contents of the Quran is very beautiful and logical. But he has not felt the presence of God in his heart.

Finally Acknowledging God

A year later, when Karlsson a visit to a beautiful island called Pretty Island, he felt something very unusual in his heart, when photographing the fall scenery on the island.

“I feel a fantastic feeling. I feel as though I was a kid once in something very big, the universe belongs to God … Extraordinary. I felt really relaxed and excited. All of a sudden I felt God’s presence everywhere My eyes could see. I’ve never felt anything like this before, “recalls Karlsson.

Memories of the beauty of the island continue to cling to his return home. Karlsson has not moved to know God more delat. One day, after work, Karlsson took the bus and he saw most of the passenger bus fell asleep. Along the way, Karlsson enjoy a beautiful sunset views, which spread clouds of pink and orange together, presenting a painting that makes stunned everyone who saw it.

“For several minutes I felt a total peace and an understanding that all this is the work of God. I really miss moments like this happen again,” said Karlsson.

The hope is realized. A wake up one morning, he felt his mind clear as a bell and that first came to mind was how to thank God, that God has awakened every morning, giving hope. “It feels natural, as though I’m used to do it all my life,” said Karlsson.

Since experiencing it, Karlsson no longer deny the existence of God. As someone who for 25 years denied the existence of God, he admits, the change is not easy matter for him. But after that, Karlsson and experience various things that are extraordinary experiences. While living in the U.S. for a while, Karlsson began to pray, begin to learn to focus on God and listen to what his conscience. The peak occurs at a beautiful weekend in New York.

Daring to the Mosque and Bersyahadat

Karlsson came to a mosque in New York and met with some Muslims in the mosque. Kekutan and worry that he had felt before when going to the mosque, instantly vanished. Board gave the mosque reading material about Islam. Karlsson also visited the house of his new Muslim friends, and much discussion with them.

“What they are saying, and the answers they give, all make sense. Islam has become an important part of my life. I began to learn to pray and follow my first Friday prayers …”

“I slipped, sitting in the back row. I do not understand what was said the priest, but I enjoyed his sermon. After the sermon is finished, we all make the line and perform the prayer of two cycles. That’s one of the most incredible experiences I have ever felt in my My journey towards Islam. I saw about 200 pilgrims men, surrendered himself completely in only one God, praise God, it was amazing, “said Karlsson who was not also decide to convert to Islam.

One time, he read a book called “Twelve Hours” story of a British woman who converted to Islam. Books that really make a difference to him. He cried when reading it, and he felt that he did not want to look back again, and will not hold back his desire to embrace Islam.

Summer vacation, Karlsson made up his determination to become a Muslim. The first day of summer, the air still feels cold. Karlsson out the attack to the mosque and wait until conditions start to warm.

One morning, the sky appears gray. A cold wind blows, through the bedroom window Karlsson, as if carrying a message for him, that the time has arrived and he could not put it off hold. Karlsson moved from his bed, bath, wearing clean clothes, grabbed his car keys and drive his vehicle into a mosque.

At the mosque, he approached some people who were gathered and told his intention to convert to Islam. And after the midday prayer, a priest led him to say two sentences creed, witnessed by the visitors of the mosque. After bersyahadat, he was given the Islamic name “Ibrahim”.

“Alhamdulillah. My heart really relieved. Moreover, the family and all my friends accept Islam. Of course they could not understand everything to do after becoming a Muslim, like praying five times, do not eat pork, they thought I was practicing a tradition foreigners, who will vanish eaten the times. But I will prove that their estimates are wrong. Insha Allah, “said Ibrahim Karlsson. (Ln / PI)

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