Before Becoming Ruqaiyyah, Rosalyn Rushbrook is author Christian Books

03 Jun

Sebelum Menjadi Ruqaiyyah, Rosalyn Rushbrook Adalah Penulis Buku-buku  Nasrani

Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, LONDON – Mention the name Rosalyn Rushbrook, the British public would soon remember the books basic knowledge of Christianity. Recipient of theology degree at Hull University is indeed active write Christian themed books for several mainstream publishers. In fact, some of his books recommended to mengajaran in many schools in England.

Women born in 1942 was married to the poet George Morris Kendrick in 1964 and later had two children. Their marriage ended after her husband moved in 1986 Scientologis religion.

Late in 1986, he finds guidance. He accepted Islam and changed his name to Ruqaiyyah.

In 1990 she married a man born in Pakistan, Waris Maqsood Ali. But nine years later they divorced because Waris young married his cousin in Pakistan, by allowing the status of his new wife became a British citizen.

After becoming a Muslim, he wrote books on Islam. He served as Head of Religious Studies at William Gee High School, Hull, England. He has authored more than forty books on various aspects of religion, among other things to concentrate on the beauty of embracing Islam and guide for converts.

Many of his books published by Goodword Press of New Delhi, including Living Islam, The Muslim Prayer Encyclopedia, and consulting books for teens. He once invited by Hodder Headlines to write a book in the chapter World Faiths Islam in the popular book series around the world, Teach Yourself

He also has created a program that allows students to study Islam. The book titled Islam was published by Heinemann Press in 1986 and continued to print, and Do-it-Yourself Coursebook to accompany published by IPCI. This book has been used widely in UK schools for over 20 years, and DIY studies have now been taken by many students, and private groups not only in Britain but in some countries.

He was among the first British Muslim to receive the honor Muslim News Awards for Excellence in 2001, and Muhammad Iqbal Award for Creativity in Islamic thought.

Here are excerpts of an interview with the BBC about become Muslim:

How to become converts in your eyes?

Nothing is easier than switching to become Muslims – the moment when we realize that God truly exists, and an Arab-born man named Mohammed is His messenger. Then we bersyahadat. This is the first step we become Muslim. Cautious, then the heart becomes ihsan.

From the social aspect, Islam should be part of your lifestyle. To convert women, it means there’s a big gamble involves the construction of confidence. Not only because of the way of dress have also changed – which would be accompanied by changes in family attitudes and the people closest to – well you must prepare a man was not addressed in any mosque you sign in (he present it with a little joke).

How meaning accept the Islamic faith?

Being a Muslim, it means getting a universal belief. We do not need to pretend to be an Arab or Pakistani, to take ownership and are owned by Muslims.

We now know there are Muslims in every place in the world, from Eskimo to the Aborigines.

We may take Arabic names, or we can choose to keep our old name, it is not too important.

There was disappointment after becoming a Muslim?

We have become mature enough to realize that not every Muslim is a saint. They are also human beings and most of us are far from perfect.

We probably will get a disappointment to find that not every Muslim living in the Muslim way. But al this does not make us give up or accusing them of part of the hypocrisy, we just do the best for our own lives the best way we can.

Some Muslims are very spiritual in the sense that Islam is really a tutorial on his life, while some only ritualistic in berislam.

But we the Muslims ‘immigrants’ increasingly feel we can take place with the others in this vast congregation or family, and as long as we do our best, God will reward for our good intentions.

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