Steven Longden converts Shocked Find Facts: his great-grandfather was the first Muslim mayor

01 Jun

Mualaf Steven Longden Kaget Temukan Fakta: Kakek Buyutnya adalah Walikota Muslim Pertama

Steven Longden

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, MANCHESTER – Like many people, Steven Longden admitted his identity range, both in family, neighborhood, region, religious affiliation, education, and to ethnic. But he now claims was happy, because he now has “glasses” to look at him: his faith. “Islamic Culture plays an important role in my life right now,” he said.

Become exclusive? Steven shook his head. “My faith does not require me to avoid the very best of another culture is an important influence in my life. So, as a former Christian I can rejoice in the friendships that I made in the years before I became a Muslim,” he said.

In fact, he still came to church for events of non-religion: wedding, celebrating the baptism of the son of an acquaintance, addressed the disposal of the dead body of her grandmother. “I accepted, respected as a Muslim, was recognized as believers in God,” he said.

Over the years, he even learned that converts often effectively bridge the gap between friends and communities of different religions. “Many of us have developed a multicultural insight and empathy that helped to bring understanding and trust between the people around us,” he said.

He was truly born in the back multilatar family. He bloody England, but grew up in East Africa. Everyday, she speaks Urdu, Swahili, and English.

Continuing education to England, he married a white girl born in Manchester.

Spiritual journey that caused the young couple to know Islam. Long study, he believed Islam was looking for. He bersyahadat. lucky, his extended family support, although they remain on their beliefs.

He admitted, being a Muslim is not easy. “But the Qur’an is called, each of us will certainly be tested,” he said.

He is not never felt the impact of the September 11 attacks that made the Muslims a month thereafter throughout the world. But he underwent with patience. “But beyond that, after embracing Islam I felt a peace, awe and realize that as a Muslim in Britain, I feel the most special person in the world today,” he said.

More happy again, she said, when one day his father told him, his great-grandfather was a Muslim, 92 years ago. He became a Muslim in 1898, precisely at the age of 70 years. He was named Robert Reschid Longden, white first generation that embraces Islam.

Raised in Israel sect of Christianity, he rose to the Mayor of Stalybridge in 1875. In 1850 he became interested in the affairs of the Ottoman Empire, which no doubt, led him on the road to Islam. In 1901 he became Britain’s right-hand mufti, Sheikh Abdullah Quilliam, and is involved in several interfaith dialogue first in Manchester.

“This discovery is surprising and my conversion put into perspective and has been a source of pride and comfort for my family, both Muslim and non-Muslims, and the wider community. Indeed, it will not be a surprise for you, but this is something that is outside usual for me, “he said. There is a tone of emotion in his words …


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