Subhanallah, Due to Qur’an recitations, One Family Embrace Islam

31 Mei

Subhanallah, Gara-Gara Tilawah Al-Qur'an, Satu Keluarga Masuk Islam

Zainab and Ghalib, after the marriage ceremony at Al-Aqsa Mosque, West Bank, Palestine.

Manager of Al-Aqsa Foundation (YPA), the Saints, held a marriage between Ghalib and Zainab Mohammed Samir Kiwan Nuhas-both from the city of Haifa, in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, on Saturday (28 / 5).

Their marriage was deliberately held in one of the Qibla of Muslims is to get a blessing from Allah SWT. In the event of this ceremony, also attended the bride and family, and a number of congregational prayers. Chairman of the YPA, Jamal Rashid, also present and mendokan the bride.

Sheikh As’ad, Imam Al-Istiqlal mosque in Haifa act as a ruler. He prayed for both families for their marriage blessed by Allah SWT live. He also hopes the two can go through life as husband and wife as long as possible, in a life full of goodness and blessing.

“Marriage in this mosque (Aqsa) is a marriage blessed (blessed), and our duty to memakmurkannya forever,” said Sheikh As’ad sermons illegitimate.

“So far, the Aqsa mosque held a marriage for young men and women of Palestine, but today both bride came from Haifa, Israel. We ask young men and women to marry in a way such blessed this marriage,” As’ad message.

Weddings and Zainab Ghalib became special because, the bride is the daughter of the new converts to Islam two years ago. Zainab’s proximity and attachment to Islam began four years ago when he was interested to hear readings from the Koran books, and follow the Islamic religion courses impressions on satellite television.

Both the things that change the course of his life and his entire family-both parents and four sisters-all of a sudden. Two years ago, they were all-single-family decided to convert to Islam and said a two-sentence confession. “My mother felt calm his soul when he heard the reading (recitations) Al-Qur’an, even though Christians. Similarly, this also felt by my father,” said Zainab.

After that, the family has increasingly intensified listening to recitations of the Qur’an and follow Islamic studies which aired on cable television. This then reinforces the determination to immediately bersyahadat.

“It’s like the word of God in the Qur’an:” Do not disedihkan by people who soon became infidel, they really can not ever give the slightest harm to Allah. God wills will not give anything a portion (of reward) to them in the hereafter, and for their punishment, “said Zainab said, quoting surah Ali Imran verse 176 with a fluent.

As Ghalib, with tears in her eyes tells the story of his marriage with Zainab. “Three weeks before getting married, me and my fiance read surah Al-Isra ‘together. After that I made a pilgrimage to Al-Aqsa Mosque,” he said.

“And I do not know, I do not know what prompted my move to establish prayers at Masjid Qubbatush Shahra (Golden Dome). After two cycles of prayer, I read the letter of Al-Isra ‘to complete. There also we pray and are determined to get married,” Ghalib said.

According to Ghalib, before he and Zainab did not know if the Al-Aqsa Mosque can also be done weddings. One time, after conducting prayers at Masjid Al-Istiqlal, he went straight to the mosque imam Sheikh As’ad–and expressed a desire to get married.

“Said Sheikh As’ad Al-Aqsa Mosque can also be arranged marriage that is maintained by the YPA. Finally, we got married here. It was like a dream,” Ghalib said with emotion.

Chairman of the YPA, Jamal Rashid, congratulate and pray for these couples to get godly offspring who will uphold and defend Al-Aqsa Muslims. “Blessed are you two with a blessed marriage is. Wedding you are a good marriage. And we pray for God grant you pious offspring and useful for the people, God willing,” please Jamal.


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