Lisa Smith: Former Military Aircraft crew are drawn to Islam

26 Mei

At the end of the age of 30 years, Lisa Smith berlabih hearts to Islam. “Throughout my life, only this time I find something meaningful in life,” says single people who come from a background of this atheist.

The choice of Islam, was not suspected his friends in the Irish Army transportation unit. That Lisa was to choose religion, all his friends know. Teachings of Buddhism, Christianity, Catholic, to the Jews, all devoured. Who escaped their attention, Lisa was also studied Islam.

Lisa joined the Air Defence Forces at the age of 19 years. He became a soldier for five years before joining the Air Corps, where he worked for two years as a stewardess on the government jet. He now works in the army transport unit.

Coming from a background that “no religion”, Lisa convinced her party lifestyle is part of a quest to find something meaningful in life.

“I do not have much faith basis for seeking an answer, for example to a simple question: why are we here, what our purpose in life I just knew that we could not on this earth for no reason.”

Lisa spent the years in her quest for spiritual fulfillment, by reading “all things”. Tattoo on his wrist (which he plans to dispose of the laser beam) writing I am That I am, who dipetiknya from the dialogue of a film based on the writings of Chris Lawson in The Moses Code.

“I’ve gone through all stages of spirituality, and then I think that there is no God, only God consciousness.”

Just like white people mostly Irish, he also hates Islam. “When I see Muslim girls, in my mind would say, ‘they make a bomb expert,'” she recalled.

yet so close to know one of them, his perspective changed. “They looked so peaceful and they never worried about anything,” he said.

When one day he chance to read the Koran, he found the answer. “That’s a real life guide … and I feel a lot of the messages within it addressed to me,” he said.

Lisa spent the next three months to study Islam. “Nearly 24 hours a day,” he likens. April 2011, he bersyahadat.

He was lucky, his boss in the Air Force provides support for his decision to choose Islam. Everyday, she wore uniforms with the hat covering her hair.

He hopes to leave the job in the coming months “if I find a suitable husband.” He plans to retire in two years.

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